Friday, September 14, 2007

After a Long Night & Early Morning

The boy turned in his thesis to his committee.

I don't know what else to say except that I'm so proud of him! I can't believe it's just about done. In one month from today he will defend the thesis in Bloomington. So not quite done yet as he still has to write a defense talk and then will have more corrections from his committee after the defense. But getting in the 180+ page paper in, is a huge milestone.

No running yesterday.

Today it's a 10miler. Hopefully Jason does end up sleeping while he's running.

Tomorrow it's Notre Dame vs. Michigan....hmm....a big game as always, but fun as both teams are sucky sucky so let's see who goes to 0-3.

Sunday is a 22 mile long run and I must say that I am a bit irritated at Fleet Feet. They are hosting their "Ready to Run" run or whatever (which by the way if you aren't a CARA member AND signed up for their marathon training plan this event is $45 bucks!) They are using the whole fucking lakefront path with 3000+ people participating in the run. What about all the people that aren't part of the magic "I'm loaded so can pay to run with people" that still have a run to do on this day. AND what about their usual Gatorade stands? Now that people have paid for the event are those going to be gone? I'm guessing the official ones for the race are only going be for people with numbers or whatever.

Anyways, I'm sure we'll be fine as they said that the would be separated into groups of 50 people or so, but I'm just annoyed that they feel then need to use the whole path. Not everyone racing on October 7th is signed up for this run and so we'll get pushed around a bit I am thinking. I'm not exactly thrilled about running 9 miles "upstream" dodging people all the way (The plan is to run from the house to the lake front path, then south for 9 miles and then back north for 9 miles. The fleet feet run starts at 7 on the north side and runs to the south end, so I'm thinking I'll get caught up in some traffic on the return part).

So we'll see how that goes.


Running Jayhawk said...

Ew. That's no bueno. Want me to go out on my bike and run 'em over for you!?!??!

If anything, take the gatorade and say you had the number on your long sleeve shirt that you tossed 20 minutes ago. I doubt that a volunteer would refuse gatorade to a clearly parched athlete.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jason on the thesis.

Good luck w/ the 22 miler tomorrow.

Firefly's Running said...

Congrads, Jason, your finished thesis.

Good luck on your 22 miler tommorow. I plan to out with Josh much later in the morning AFTER the CARA people are gone so we don't get run over or I run them over with my bike. :D

Juls said...

Good luck on your 22 miler (today). I just found your blog (Barb sent me). 3000 people is a lot of people to be sharing the path with on a training run. I hope you are staking a claim and having some fun.

lifestudent said...

Good luck today! We did our 20 yesterday and the path was clear - made me realize how many of the normal Saturday runners were going to be doing CARA's run today. Hope all goes well and that you dont get your mojo trampled on by the other runners ;)