Thursday, September 06, 2007

11 Miles on the Campus

Yesterday Jason and I headed out for probably our last long run at Fermilab. We had 11 miles on the schedule which is a perfect distance to hit all the major points of interest here. As we were running, in the 90 degrees, with no shade and no water, Jason said, "Oh how I'm going to miss you long straight stretches of death". I said, "You probably could have just known that you were going to miss this without actually going out there and killing yourself in the heat". It wasn't *that* bad though, although the effort that was being put out was not equaling the paces per miles. I hate days like that, where you are feeling like you are working really hard and the Garmin beeps and you are like really.....that was my pace....45 seconds slower than what usually feels comfortable. We ended up pacing about 9:05 min/mile for this run which is fine.

I have been very much, "This is the last time we'll have lunch at the high rise" or , "This is the last time we'll go for a run here" this week. Jason goes..."yeah, uh huh that's sad. I have to finish my thesis, stop talking." Leave me alone. I'm a girl.

Tomorrow really should be the last day. Jason is just finishing the last few changes and can hand the advisor the final revised, plots added, 175 page goodness tomorrow morning. The idea being that at this point any changes that need to be made shouldn't be huge and any additions should be minor. That way he can finish up what he needs to do there in the evenings next week when he gets home from work...that's the idea anyways.


GeekGirl said...

I did the same thing the week before Aron left for Cali.

It drove him crazy. Heh. Glad to know I'm not the only one that does that.

Firefly's Running said...

I agree with you, Leah. The heat SUCKED!

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the run! How sad and exciting for it to be the last for you at the fermilab!
jason - hope you were able to finish your thesis and congrats.