Friday, September 28, 2007

27th Mile

Calling all Chicago marathon runners or spectators. If you haven't responded to the lovely Jayhawk's evite OR put your name in her comments, then keep reading.

Come out and celebrate the end of the marathon with your fellow RBFers! Here's the details :

What? The 27th Mile Celebration...RBF Meet Up...Post-Race Celebration
When? Sunday. 10/7 at 6:30
Where? Garrett Ripley
Why? Do you really need a reason to come out and drink...I don't think so. Come out and share your marathon stories!

If you are interested in coming out, leave a message in the comments (again if you haven't responded to the evite or already let Barb know)! Of course thanks to the lovely Jayhawk for getting this set up again this year. She's a rockstar.


Scott said...

We're THERE! Love to be the oldest at any event.


Theoutofshapeguy said...

Unforetunetly, you won't be the oldest at the event.

Running Jayhawk said...

Ooooh. i think my folks have you beat, scott!