Monday, June 25, 2007

Sunday's for Running and for Partying (apparently)

Well the weekend is now over.....good running and good partying made for quite the Sunday.

Saturday we didn't do much of anything. We got our 4 mile recovery in and then cleaned our place up and I ended up napping to the Cubs game. We really wanted to relax on Saturday because we knew how jam packed our Sunday was going to be. We were good little marathon trainers and went to bed at 10pm on Saturday night to get up at 5am to get our long run in.

The Pfitz schedule called for 14 miles and getting through it would be putting our weekly mileage at 40 miles which is a nice milestone to get to. We had such a good run on Thursday with better pacing and a good pace at that. We wanted to get our long run miles more consistent and we wanted to slow down a little bit. Our goal was to average at 9 min/mile. Our first mile was pretty slow at 9:55, but we brought the pace down and were very consistently around 9 minutes for the next 10 miles of the run. We had a higher mile time when we stopped and took a Gu (I don't like to stop the watch for water or Gu stops because we will do this in the marathon and the clock doesn't stop there). The last three miles I leave open to whatever. I like to get up around marathon race pace for the last mile and was nice to see that only our last three miles (8:23,8:22,7:57) were in that low range unlike previous weeks where many middle miles were low like that. Our average was 9min/mile exactly just like we had wanted to do. Our General Aerobic miles and our long run miles have been having the same pace, so I was happy that we slowed down a bit this week. Here's the graph :

We felt great those last three miles, still talking easily and running smooth.

After the run, we did our ice bath and laid down for about 45 minutes. We wanted to try and sleep because we knew we were going to be out the rest of the day at the Gay Pride Parade. We got up and on it and jumped on the Western Bus and got off at Diversey. Apparently they don't give transfers on the bus anymore so we walked from there to Broadway and headed to a bar we used to frequent what seems like a lifetime ago.

We haven't been there for 2 years so we were wondering what had changed or who had changed and we were a little nervous walking in to the place that used to know our names.....we were greeted with : LEAH, JASON HOW THE HELL ARE YOU!!! The people were the same, the bar was the same and it was really nice to see everyone again. We had some beers and then went down the block aways to talk to Haight and Lora and while we were standing there, someone came up to us and said, "Are you Jason and Leah?" We said, "yes....". The person is a fan of our blog and recognized us from pictures we have posted on here. So hi to Berner who made me feel famous :-)

Many beers later we were joined by Dawn who had to do some catching up. She had competed in a triathlon earlier in the day and had been battling traffic on the way home from the burbs. We had tons of fun hanging with Dawn for the rest of the afternoon. Many many beers later and after the parade, our old friend Will came by and told us that he had opened his own place down the street. So we closed out our tabs and headed to his new place, Brendan's Pub. We had a few beers and maybe the shot of Barcadi O at this point wasn't the best decision. Poor Dawn's boyfriend got drunk phone called. Barb might have gotten a drunk text message, I'm already horrible at texting...add in 8 beers too many and I'm sure it was totally unreadable.

After the bar we went to the Melrose diner and got some do all my good eating habits and behavior go out the window on Gay Pride Sunday! At this point I drunk phone called our friend Joe who was the best man in our wedding because the Melrose was a favorite of his when we used to live in the neighborhood.

We walked Dawn to her apartment, and then just for good measure, had to get an ice cream cone. We walked a little bit....Jason dropped his cone on the ground....we hopped a cab...and then ended up at Monday morning...with a pretty big headache....but all worth it. Below is a slide show of the afternoon's activities including hot boys on floats! And so now here we go...another week in front of us.


Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah. Too much fun at the gay pride parade. But one can never have too much fun. Great photos. Every picture does tell a story of sorts. Wish I was there!
Jason, sorry about the ice cream. Are you picking up these habits from your lovely wife?

Sailor Sue

Firefly's Running said...

Great pictures, Leah and Jason. So sorry that Josh and I could not make it.

Ryan said...

Holy shit - what an adventure! And you wore the RAINBOW SHIRT!!!! How appropriate!! I feel like I was there with all of the pics. Oh yeah, nice running, too.

Berner said...

Woohoo, I'm immortalized on the interweb. ;)

Cool to meet you guys, and good luck with your training.

Running Jayhawk said...

That is totally awesome. I'm jealous I missed out on all the fun...although the HIM was pretty sweet, can't lie. ;)

Next year we soooooooo have a double date to this sucker. In the about a double date...Knocked up?

(as in the movie, not as in are you expecting?)