Thursday, June 21, 2007

Four miles, slow and steady

Yesterday was a rough day as Leah and I were both extremely tired. The fact is, we've been tired all week after a weekend where we, once again, did too much. Leah detailed it in a previous post, but I think all the running and walking and biking caught up to us a bit. We really need to rest for awhile after our long runs and that hasn't happened for a couple weeks now. This weekend, though...oh wait, it's Gay Pride. Well, we're going to try to run very early so we can catch a couple hours worth of napping before heading out. Hopefully that'll be enough.

Anyway, as I said, we were very tired yesterday and the whole day just dragged on. Being tired makes everything worse as nothing much gets accomplished at work and there's no motivation to do much of anything. Surprisingly, the crabby factor was pretty low for both of us, so that's a bonus. But still. So, it's good that yesterday's run was a short recovery run. We went out for four miles and made sure the entire run was as slow as we could make it. Slow slow slow. We were happily caught at a couple lights and even got a call from Leah's dad which allowed for a welcome break. It ended up being a very easy run and, although I'm still tired today, my legs feel pretty good. In the end, it was 4 miles in 39:10.

Today we've got 10 miles scheduled (and so 10 miles we shall do). We had originally planned to run with Mike and Barb, but Mike was sick yesterday so we're on our own. Since our clothes are already here, the plan is to run at the lab (hopefully before the storms roll in). While Fermi is certainly less exciting than The City, it does have the benefit of no light and no traffic, which has been an annoying feature of our last two midweek runs.

Alright, so that wasn't the most exciting post. You try making a post about a four mile recovery run exciting. But, since you made it all the way to the end, I will reward you with fun stuff:

Awesomely funny father's day post from Xmastime

Equally awesome valentine's day post (from same guy)

From CNN: Couple banned from naming son "4real" - God, I would love to be name 4real. It's super easy to text message that name. You would be at the top of every alphabetical list. "4" is probably the most stylistic of all numbers. This definitely rivals the names I've propose to Leah for future baby names: pwned for a boy, and l33t for a girl.

That's all from here.

Go Cubs.

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Susanne said...

l33t? No. Your first baby should be named "Susanne".