Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back in the Saddle

Yesterday we headed to our favorite Jayhawk's condo to head out for an 8 miler w/ 10x100m strides. You could say that the running attitude by all 4 superstars was lower than usual when we started. I think everyone is still recovering from lack of sleep and lots of running over the weekend. But we do what we do, and changed into the running gear and headed out.

Jason and I didn't have our Garmin with us so guesstimated where 3.5 miles out would be. We knew we probably went a bit too far, but wanted to make it to the next water fountain since I was thirsty. Legs felt ok, not perfect but nice to shake them out and get them moving. We totaled 7.25 miles for this run in exactly 64 minutes, bringing us to an 8:50min/mile. Not too shabby since Jason and I were both pretty sore for the weekend.

After the run we headed to the track to do our strides. I definitely did the first few of these slower than normal, but was back up to speed by the end. I defiantly notice that my form starts to go during the last few. I really tried to concentrate on running clean which I think once I was thinking about it I was able to do.

After the running we headed back to the Jayhawk pad where the superstar duo served us a tasty salad and some pasta (thanks you guys). We also found out that the apartment above us is available...according to our rental agency's website. We did see lights on up there though when we came home so we are thinking that they just didn't update. But you never know.

Today is an off day. Then 10 on Thursday, 5 on Saturday and 13 on Sunday. Next week we have everyone's favorite...LT run. blech.

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Nicole said...

You guys are awesome - you never stop running which inspires me.