Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Biking for a Change

This morning we decided to bike downtown and take the train because I have to give a presentation later in the day today and so we'll be staying here late and doing our LT run around the ring. Hence we'll be taking a later train home, which doesn't stop at Kedzie and since I don't want to walk 3.5 miles at 9pm after running a LT we needed our bike downtown.

I swear to God, every fucking day our schedule, how far we are running & what's happening at work, has to go into some giant matrix calculation to determine the combination of walking/driving/biking that will have to be in place to get to work.

So yes. We biked.

And for those of you that have been reading know that we got a new computer recently. This of course needs a better treatment than, "just put it in the bag and go" that our 5 year laptop got (we weren't that bad...but a new computer needs a bit of an upgrade). So, we got a computer backpack and had a sleeve to put the computer in and so now it's nice and protected. Plus there is lots of room in the bag for things like books and running clothes and so on. Since we are running at the lab this evening it was chock full of all kinds of good stuff. So I put on my super cool bag this morning and almost fell backwards it was so heavy. I look ridiculous wearing it as I look like a robot and it's about twice as thick as I am. This was *not good* on the bike. I had super sore shoulders by the time we were downtown. But at least I looked super cool...oh wait..no no...I looked like a super nerd....and being a physics grad student I guess that's a good fit.

ANYWAYS. I say yay! for the bag when we are walking because it's pretty comfortable, but horrible for when we are biking. Since we don't bike that much it shouldn't be a problem.

I am very nervous about the LT run tonight. We are doing it around the rings tonight at the lab which is nice because it's so boring here there is nothing else to focus on except getting those miles in correctly. I have a super fly mix of music loaded up on my iPod which should help. That's all from the world of Jason and Leah for now. Happy LTing all you Pfitzers.


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I have a laptop backpack from when I was an auditor and LORD I used to fill that thing chock full! I can't imagine biking with it on!!