Thursday, June 21, 2007

Perfect 10!

Yesterday the plan called for 10 miles. After Tuesday's debacle of a run I was worried. Lots of times it happens that I have shitty runs followed by other shitty runs....followed by....well you get the idea. I don't know if get a bad mental bug or the fact that I had a bad run in the first place is a sign that I am too tired or whatever.

According to we were going to get strong storms in the afternoon & evening. We were also so exhausted so we decided to ditch on the jayhawks (so sorry you guys) and run earlier at the lab. We thought we could go around 2:30pm, but again according to the weather the storms would be here by then. Not wanting to sit on the train soaking wet, we decided to go at 1pm when it was still nice and sunny out.

Oh yeah....sunscreen....we had forgotten it and since when we left home we weren't planning on running until 6:30pm so thought we wouldn't need it anyways. Right. I'm fine, but Jason and his ever so paleness got a bit toasty.

I have been having trouble with pacing. The average always ends up being fine, but I'm up and down and all around the place during the run. Yesterday's run was the first time that we have found our groove and gone with it. No mile was under the prescribed pace as they usually are, but the final two were still faster than the rest. It's always nice to finish the run with some gas left in your tank. For your visual pleasure :

Sometimes it's hard to run at the lab because we either do the rings or .... well that's about it lately. Yesterday we took advantage of most of the campus and headed to one part that we had never run on before which took us to the main entrance for the lab. There is an amazing sculpture there and was fun to see from the ground rather than in a vehicle.

It was just one of those know what I'm talking about. You look down at your Garmin to see how much farther it is to the next mile, and you are floored that you are at 5.98mi since the last time you looked at it which was "just seconds ago" you had just hit 5. I love these kinds of runs and they really bring home the "why I like to run".

So it was a nice fun easy (although sunny) run. 10 miles in 1:27:33 (8:45 avg). Tonight it's a rest day. We rode our bikes to the train (can't really rest right?) and are going to go grab a beer with the Kansas consortium on our way home since we haven't seen them at all this week.

This weekend has 4 recovery on Saturday and 14 on Sunday. Sunday also brings the Gay Pride parade. Jason and I will be attending and if anyone out there is interested in joining us we'll be at the bar Monsignor Murphy's on the east side of Broadway between Wellington and Barry. Drop me an e-mail ( if you are going to be out and I can be sure to keep an eye out for you.


E-Speed said...

glad no side stitches plagued you this time. Sounds like a great run. Have fun at the parade!

Scott said...

Leah and Jason-
Great run and nice pacing. Hoist one for Daddy at Senor Murphy's

Sailor Sue said...

Leah - Glad you got your Groove!
Jason - sorry about the toast. I can relate. I always burn the bread!

Nicole said...

Nice job on the run.
Good luck this weekend with the 14 and have fun at the parade.