Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Deal of the Century

Because it was impossible for me to bike with the backpack that apparently weighs the same as plutonium, I started looking for alternatives that were yes more girly and not so large. I really liked the Timbuk2 Commute messenger bag...but there is no way that I was going to spend $100 on something that was lets admit....a fashion statement (ok and it would help my back when I was riding a bike).

I did some research and found a discontinued color one through the REI-Outlet for $50 so half off. I thought I would try calling the REI store near my work to see if they happened to have it in stock. And not only did they have it....but they had it marked as $16.83. I told them to put it on hold, Jason and I went over there and 18 dollars later I am the owner of this *very* girly, yet awesome bag! I love it even more than I should because of how much we got it for!

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Scott said...

Cool bag! We want more pictures and tell us all about the little pockets inside and, well, just more BAG TALK!