Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just a Normal Wednesday

Haven't run yet today but we do have a 5 mile recovery run that we'll banging out later this afternoon. I have a love/hate relationship with recovery runs. As they are recovery our pace is much slower than a normal run, so it seems to take a lot longer to get through the run. On the other hand it's nice to get stuck by lights and not have to run to the next block or whatever to get across the street if we don't have to stop. Since it's recovery we usually use that time to stretch.

This weekend marks the start of the Taste of Chicago. Last summer for those of you that were reading this site remember that Jason an I had the work schedule from hell and missed out on a lot of Chicago things and spent many nights and days at the lab. This summer is the summer of us. We are doing as much as we can since we missed out last year. So Friday we are heading to the Taste after work if anyone is in the neighborhood. Next week we'll be picnicing for most of the day on the 3rd and then enjoying the sounds on John Mayer as he plays on the 4th.

Chicago in the summer. I ask anyone to give me a better city during these summer months. I love it! We deserve it too after the winters we have to endure.

My nerd factor is elevated these days as the new iPhone is being released on Friday. Given that I still have a year in my contract with Sprint and have no money to actually purchase said iPhone, all I can do is watch the videos and drool. It's going to be super sweet and I suppose it'll be just as sweet in 12 months. For those that haven't been caught up in the hype check this out :

Alright, from the land of Jason and Leah this is the latter, signing off.


Firefly's Running said...

Leah, I am looking forward to the Taste of Chicago too. It will be my first year and can not wait.

Cuckoo said...

Hope your 5 miler recovery run went well today.

I love Chicago in the summer too, and the Taste is one of my favorite parts of summer here! Not sure what day this weekend I'm going to make it over there, but I can't wait! Have fun on Friday.

GeekGirl said...

Chicago does sound nice in the summer. Anything's gotta be better than this swamp. Nothing goes on here in the summer due to the heat.