Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bleacher Bum and a Marathon Runner!

Well a fun weekend is over and done with and we are back to Monday morning.....BUT this will be a fun upcoming week with the Great Midwestern Relay happening at the end of it!

The past weekend was chock full of good times and I just about had to crawl into bed last night. Saturday was a pretty lazy day with a nice 4 mile recovery run in the morning and then napping and Cub baseball watching in the afternoon (I don't want to talk about the Big 'Z' hitting my secret-boyfriend Micheal Barrett......perhaps Barrett could have used a visit from me to console him and his black eye and split lip....maybe I would have been arrested for stalking....anyways). Another bad Cubs loss on Saturday but a nice show from Piniella kicking dirt on the umps and his hat all around the field.

Saturday night we met up with my step-mom's family for some good food and fun times at The Parthenon restaurant in Greek town. Jason, my cousin Chris and myself had no problem polishing off a couple bottles of whatever that good Greek wine was. We found out that Chris might have two extra tickets to the Cubs game on Sunday so we made new plans for running to accommodate that possibility. Add into the mix that we wanted to walk part of the Avon Breast Cancer walk with a friend of our family, Kay and still get to the ballpark in

We got up at 5:30 on Sunday morning and were out the door by 6:30 for our 12 mile run. Since we were up early, we headed to the lakefront path since traffic along Chicago Ave, wouldn't be bad at such an early hour. It's 4 miles to the lakefront from our apartment, so we then ran north for 2 miles making for a nice 12 out and back route. It was so humid on Sunday morning so when it's starting to sprinkle a little we were very accepting :-).

Nothing too interesting to report about the run, I just wish that we could be more consist ant with each mile. Although I am zoomed in on the graph, so it's probably jumpier looking than it actually is. But those first four miles weren't fantastic with the 4th one coming in at 8:24, then we slowed back down to where we should be and followed another downward path to the end. I don't mind doing that last mile fast...but would really like to see more consistency in the previous miles. Again as I add on distance this should come naturally. We averaged 8:45 miles coming in at eactly 1:45:00.

After the run we showered very quickly and headed right back out. We walked over to Damen and took the bus to Belmont, and from there walked to the lakefront path. We found out that the walker we were looking for, Kay, was still a ways North, so we walked to the Totem Pole and waited for her. When she got there we chatted and walked with her to Diversey. The Breast Cancer walk was *amazing*. Kay said that they had raised something like 8 million dollars just from the Chicago walk alone. After leaving her we walked back to the ballpark and met up with Chris and his friend at Murphy's Bleachers.

That's a lot of fucking walking....after running 12 miles.....and all done before 12pm!

What a *great* game to be at. I don't know if I have ever been at Wrigley for a grand slam. I'm sure I have been, but that was just about the most exciting thing that could have happened. Sean Marshall was amazing and it was nice to see the Boys in Blue keep on scoring. The guy behind us in the Bleachers had made a bet with someone that he would chug a beer for every inning that the Braves didn't score.....needless to say that ended up being pretty funny since they didn't score till like the 7th. In the end the Cubs win 10-1 and looked the best they have all year I think....maybe that's just because I was there. But they played clean, fundamental baseball. Let's hope this is the turning point for the season.

After the game, we walked back to Damen, caught the bus back to our neighborhood and then walked to our apartment. I just mapped out how far we walked.....8.5 20.5 miles on the wonder my legs are sore today! I usually underestimate how far we walk and yesterday was no different...oh well it was a great day in the city and it was nice to walk around.

Needless to say when we got home we crashed pretty hard. I'm not saying that I went to bed before 9pm.....but....well......that's all I'm saying.

This week's running plan will be a bit different than usual since we have the GMR on Friday/Saturday. I'm going to try to get in about 16 miles before that, so I'm thinking 7 tomorrow, 6 on Wednesday and 3 on Thursday.

Alright, Happy Monday everyone.


Boston Road Runner said...

Wow - quite the weekend! I'm impressed by your ability to get up and do the long run so early after polishing off the wine the night before. Sounds like a fun but exhausting Sunday!

Joe said...

What's the deal with those two cubs who were punching each other? What the heck were they fighting about? Which one is going to be traded first?

LeahC said...

Zambrano and Barrett were fighting (pitcher and catcher). Barrett is a scrappy dude (maybe you remember him punching the White Sox pitcher last year) and Zambrano has a way high temper. There was a passed ball and a bad throw by Barrett and I think that's why Z went up to him in the dugout....crazy times. We hope neither are traded and they can work together.

Scott said...

I think you and I were in a lower box against St. Louis for a jody Davis grand slam. . . a few years ago!


Firefly's Running said...

Nice mileage, Leah and Jason. Wow! That's some serious effort.

Cuckoo said...

Nice job on all that running and walking yesterday! Plus wine the night before and early morning running? That is impressive!