Friday, June 15, 2007

It's Even BETTER!!!

So the vibration of the laptop ended up being really annoying. After working for a few hours our hands would be tingling....which isn't right. So I talked to my dad online about it and told him I was going to take it back....and talked to him about the idea of the MacBook Pro.

So we went back to the Apple store on Michigan Ave and I got my Grandma W (she apparently could return *anything*) on, and was like, here's what I need to happen. The computer I bought isn't good, there is something wrong with it. So I want to return it and upgrade to the MacBook Pro. So they sent me upstairs to the Mac Genius Bar where a nice guy helped us and said it seemed normal. I told him that tingling hands is not normal. So he checked some stuff and compared the machine with the other MacBooks on the floor and said he agreed that it was vibrating more than it should so he wouldn't charge us for a restocking fee.

Then to make matters more complicated, I wanted to get the money back for the computer that I had bought...and buy the new one with a joint card my dad and I share. So after going through all the business we headed home with our new MacBook Pro!!!!! Big kudos to the Mac people for making it such a nice experience. Thanks again to my dad and stepmom for the very early graduation present. You are the best a kid could ask for.

After getting home from the Apple store, we had to go run immediately because we were meeting people for dinner at 6:30. 10 miles was on the schedule for the 4pm it was like 90 degrees outside. The heat made for a very up and down run. We forgot cash so there was no stopping for Gatorade along the way, however we did stop once about halfway through and go into a Subway for some water. I stopped the watch at this point because it was going to be a longer than just stop and quick drink and move on. We ended up finishing in 1:27:55, which is an average of 8:47 miles. To our surprise our last two miles were 8:26 and 8:13. We both felt like complete crap and so those times were shocking to us. We were very dehydrated after the run and noted that running at 4pm is probably a bad idea, but there was no other option for the run that day.

We met up with my cousins at this place called Rio's D'Sudamerica. It's a south american place on Armitage, just west of Damen on the North side of the street. It's SO good and the place was like empty. The dishes were reasonably priced and the chicken thing I got was delicious. I recommend this place for dinner...oh and try the raspberry was just as delicious!

After dinner we took the bus home and decided to stop into a new bar that opened across the alley from our apartment, The Blind Robin. And another great deal as it's awesome. They have $2 PBR drafts and I seriously don't remember the last time I found two dollar beers since I was an undergrad. I am thinking there will be some stumbling home on Thursday nights this summer (Friday's are usually off running days :-) ).

Thus ended my Thursday and now it's Friday and I have to find my advisor and go over some stuff for my analysis. Happy weekend all.


Josh said...

I'm jealous! A MacBook Pro. So much power... :) Glad you didn't have to pay the restocking fee.

And great job on the run you guys. Especially in that heat. Amazing.

Runner Susan said...

PRO!!! that is so unfair . . . am so jealous right now!

runningtwig said...

I stumbled upon your blog the other day you guys crack me up...and y'all also remind me a little bit of my husband and me...keep up the good work!

Jake Scruggs said...

God Damn Mac Book Pro's. With their shiny sleek OS and speed and all. What's wrong with a Dell D620 running Ubuntu, I ask you?

Oh and Laura and I totally ate at Sudamerica all the time 'cause it was across the street from us when we lived in bucktown. I agree it's excellent.