Thursday, June 14, 2007

How about this for Elitist?

There are some new Pearl Izumi ads out there. I might have caught one while reading Runner's World, but I didn't pay that much attention to it.

Click here for the ad.

Now then.

I guess I'm not a runner. While I rarely run on a treadmill (count once in the last year), and I don't usually wear and MP3 player...but I have no problem with those people that do use those things. My favorite was the line, "if you have ever been at the helm of a jogging stroller then you are a jogger". I mean I don't care what my label is, but you can bet your life that the second I can after having a baby I'll be out there RUNNING.

It just seems a bit elitist to me. I never understood why the fast runners care how many people are in a race or what pace they are going and now apparently why they feel that they can even get a different label. They usually have a preferred start, they are not mingling with the "joggers". But those joggers have worked very hard to be where they are and I just wish they got all the respect that they deserved. Just because someone isn't running a 3 hour marathon doesn't mean that it's any easier for them.

I'm glad I don't wear that brand of shoes as I would probably buy something else since I'm not a runner.


rant over.

I'm off to play with MacBook. People who have one of these....when it's on a hard surface do you feel a slight (Jason says...very very slight) vibration where the heel of you hand sits? When I put the laptop on a placemat on my table I don't feel much, but if it's just on the hard table there is a slight vibration. I have read that other people have had this problem and so just wondering how common it is. Other than that all macs...working like a charm!


Jonathan said...

I have to agree. That ad is ridiculous. The distinction between running and jogging has never crossed my mind. Let's do some research...

jog - to run at a leisurely, slow pace, esp. as an outdoor exercise.
run - to go quickly by moving the legs more rapidly than at a walk and in such a manner that for an instant in each step all or both feet are off the ground.

It seems that by definition you must be running if you are jogging. Thus, all joggers are runners.

Also, if an elite runner's leisurely pace is 7 minute miles, then by definition he would be jogging.

JRM said...

Their anthropology is wrong too. They talk about 11,000 years of natural selection, but the Neolithic era (beginning around 10,000 B.C.) marks the change to when running would have become less important, since it saw the spread of agriculture out from the Middle East. Regardless, they should be claiming 1 - 2 million years of NS, beginning with the time that our branch of primates are believed to have begun group hunting... Couldn't their copywriter have visited Wikipedia for 10 minutes?

Nicely written ad though -- seems like it would inspire their target audience.

Garou said...

I saw the ad yesterday (after catching a rant abour it elsewhere), and posted one of my own. It's interesting to note that, by claiming anyone pushing a stroller is jogging, Dick Hoyt is merely a "jogger".

I haven't sent them a letter (yet) - I am trying to compose one that is thoughtful, instead of vitriolic. I have seen several of their form responses to complaints about this ad, so I am probably not doing anything other than venting my spleen.

Boston Road Runner said...

Quite the reaction to the Run Easy campaign - I guess. This does target a pretty hardcore audience - but I can't think of too many "runners" (by their definition) who swear by Pearl Izumi gear...And the formatting of the ads make it difficult to read.
Nice new computer, btw!

Josh said...

I'm not going to lie. I read about half of that ad and stopped. It sucks. A lot.

Runner Susan said...

Are you typing your rant on the mac? Doesn't it make you want to rant about more stuff?

Try your tongue, you'll feel even more vibration!

Rae said...

Personally, I swapped from Mizunos to Pearls once and will never wear Pearls again. I had the biggest blisters EVER. Seriously. Their stuff is crap and they are crap.

Laura said...

I hear ya Leah - those ads are *slightly* overkill. (Read with *sarcasm* in the tone :) Pearl Izumi does make kick arse cycling shorts, but they should probably stick with cycling. Leave the running apparel to the 'real' runners who sometimes jog and always encourage! :)