Wednesday, January 10, 2007

oh 5am..I Remember You

Son of a Bitch.

Well so much for 5am wakeups. Apparently that's already out the window as I hit snooze for about an hour and got up at 6:15 this morning. I have to get it together tonight because I absolutly have to be up and at work early on Friday because I can't get home late because I have plans with some friends AND an 11mile LT run. So I have to move like clockwork that day.

Last night we did a 5 mile recovery which was really nice. Not fast at all, but just getting the legs working and running again in cold weather. It has been so beautiful here the last few weeks that I forgot what it was like to run in the lower 30s. I'm always really worried about it...then I run a few steps and realized that I'm going to be perfectly fine and by the end I'm totally warmed up.

Tonight is a 12 mile run, then off Tomorrow, 11w/LT on Friday, 5 on Saturday and 18 on Sunday. I am going with this is one of those weeks where I shouldn't be looking ahead in the schedule, because when I do I want to curl up into a little ball and cry. One day at a time. 12 miles I can totally do that


Thomas said...

Those weeks look tough, no question about it. But when you actually get round and do them you find they're totally doable.

You'll manage just fine.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Maybe this is a good time to remind you two how much I admire your discipline and hard work in training.

Among the runner bloggers I know you two are my primary role models.

So please keep up the hard work!

LeahC said...

thanks josh :-)

Laurie said...

I have to agree with Josh. You two maintain a busy schedule with work, grad school, a social life, and lots of running. You are also honest about it and don't let it completely run your life.

RunningJayhawk said...

there's nothing you two can't do!!! take it one day at a time and just own that run. :)

You've got lots of drinks waiting for you (and apples to apples!!) after your 18 on Sunday!

Firefly's Running said...

Leah and Jason, you two ROCK!! You are almost as good and dedicated as me, but you still kick my ass speed-wise.

Josh said...

That's a lot of running. The numbers hurt my eyes. I should start to get serious about training again like you two.