Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Back On it Tonight...Perhaps

After getting off of the running train for the past few days, I can hear the whistle blowin' and it's heading to my stop (you like how I did that.....running train, but then refered to a real God I am clever).

One of the other writers over on Goatriders (Death for those of you that follow) will be hanging out with us this weekend and staying at our apartment for the Cubs convention. We are both excited to meet him and his girlfriend.....but as we didn't want them to run screaming when they saw our apartment we decided to start cleaning up....that's right kids....we starting cleaning sooner than midnight the night before we had company....maybe we really are growing up. We did majority of the apartment last night, are off to the laundrymat tonight (again two weeks after we went last time) and then tomorrow it'll be finishing up the bedrooms/hallway and last minute pickup.

I feel bad because our apartment has the worst heating I have ever seen in an apartment. The air vents are all on the ceiling AND the closest one to the living room is in the dining room and as far away from the living room you could get. Our living room has three windows which face that brisk Chicago air....SO we are hoping that Death and his lady bring their thick Canadian blood :-) since that is most likely where the airbed will be placed. There might be a solution of putting the air mattress in our second bedroom where there is a heating vent and there might be some relief from the cold, but some rearragement and storing of desks/computers will be happening.

Facinating I know.

Anyways, we might try and throw in about 3 miles tonight after the laundry is done just to get back out there. I am surely missing the running, or at least the running that allows me to clear my head and not the running that was giving me panic attacks when I thought about it. Looking at the novice Hal Higdon Marathon Plan starting with week 12, I think I can easily make it through the end of it and then I'll have to try and treat the marathon as a fun little game and take my time and blah blah...or just run the half. Either way if I finish out on that I think I'll be prepared for either although won't be going for a PR in either one. This is a small race, so I don't know how exciting it'll be to be stuck out in lala land gutting out a marathon...we'll just have to see how the next few weeks go.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Lana said...

Leah - I've been behind on reading blogs...but I am so sorry about your BP...that really sucks. And I am right there with you on wanting to enjoy running again. I want a sub4 marathon badly - and I was thinking about the Pfitz plan...but I don't think I'm hardly ready mentally for that kind of mileage right now...just coming off the FIRST plan that I used for Vegas. It was strenuous enough. But those Pfitz midweek long runs, or medium long runs, slightly freak me out.

Anyways, take care of yourself, girl. Find the enjoyment in it again. I think you're a superstar!

Laurie said...

Trains. Wow. Thanks for pointing that out, I missed it the first time. ;)

Andrea said...

Leah, I've meant to stop by and leave messages a few time, but the site was down...

1) High BP. At Christmas, my girlfriend's grandmother got a blood pressure reader, and we all sat around and tested ourselves. Mine was quite high as well.. just the other day, though, I read something in the Columbus Dispatch that said it is not unusual for blood pressure to go up in the winter. I am not sure of the rationale, but I thought I'd let you know.

2) Pfitz too intensive. Both my running buddy Meredith and I cut back on the Pfitz plan when training for Chicago last year. We'd followed it more diligently in the past. We still both managed to pull off PRs, however. I think the overall plan has some strong pieces to it, even if you can't get all the workouts in, doing some of the key elements will pay off!

LeahC said...

hi andrea-

Thanks! I have thought about cutting back on the mileage but still make some of the runs tempo runs and add in a V02 workouts as race time comes closer....I'm gonig to play it by ear. thanks!

Thanks for the tips and the BP in the winter info, that's interesting.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan.

By the way - love Barack.

Also, I read your dialog w/ Mr/Mrs. Anonymous. By their writing it sounds like the same person who posted on my blog a while back and I have to say how dare they criticize you - I don't know you that well but you are definitely one fun girl who is healthy. So, screw them!

Happy Wednesday!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Happy Wednesday!

Here are some thoughts after drinking beer and reading your blog:

1)  The letters in "Barack Obama" spell all sorts of interesting words if you re-arrange them.

2)  The running that clears your head is so much better than the running that gives you panic attacks.  Aint that the truth!  I myself had a terrific 3 miler today and now my head is totally clear.  But that might just be the beer talking.

3)  I know this is going to sound real immature, but I always laugh when I hear (or read) people talk about the Pfitz plan, because I always think it sounds like "Pffffttts plan."  Yeah, I know, real mature Josh.

4)  "Thick Canadian Blood" would be a great name for a musical act, no?  I'm thinking roots-style, heavy on the rhythm guitar, something like that.

Congratulations on getting your apartment in order.  I think I just read on Jayhawk's blog that she also organized her place.  Makes me think I should clean up my own place as well.


Josh said...

You just had an "off" week. I've had them before. You know, "off" = being productive and doing things sooner rather than later. Like the cleaning. Don't worry ... you're not growing up :) he he he.

Firefly's Running said...

I would LOVE to get my apartment cleaned up. It will be another week before that happens.