Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Today will be first run (just 4 miles) since the Colts and Bears both made The Super Bowl!!!!

Speaking of which (not that it's been on our minds or anything), what the hell am I going to do? Which team do I want to win? I honestly have no idea. When in doubt, make a list:

Bears Pro:
  • Hell yeah! Living in Chicago when the Bears win the Super Bowl? Are you kidding me?
  • Wife will be happy and that makes me happy
  • In-laws will be happy and it's always good to be in with the in-laws
  • I am a legitimate Bears fan. I've been a fan since 2001 when I first lived here and have suffered through Jonathan Quinn and Craig Krenzel. I may not be a fan like some of you, but I'm as much of a fan as you can become in 6+ years.
  • I've actually watched every Bears game this year and attended two of them. I've seen somewhere around 6 Colts game this season, if that many. While it's true that we just root for laundry, I "know" the Bears players better.
Colts Pro:
  • Sure, I'll be in Chicago when the Bears win the Super Bowl, but will I be the only unhappy person in Chicago? Or maybe slightly happy while everyone else is peeing themselves?
  • Wife will be unhappy, but I'll be happy (other than the wife being unhappy which will make me unhappy. But which will win out? undecided)
  • Actual family will be happy including a brother in Indianapolis
  • I've been a Colts fan about twice as long as I've been a Bears fan, a loyalty which was emphatically clinched during the amazing 1995 season.
  • I really want Peyton to win a Super Bowl to shut up the nay-sayers. I hate when people say nay.
  • I hate Tom Brady. Not really relevant, I just wanted to put that out there.
I don't know, it seems to come out to a draw. The thing is, I can make all the lists I want, but the fact is that a rooting interest is a visceral thing. I'm sure I'll know where my true loyalties lie after the first score.

Frankly, I like Leah's cousin Lisa's suggestion for survive the Bears/Colts game at a Chicago bar: Big cheers for the Bears, tiny fist pumps for the Colts.

Go Colts!!
Go Bears!!
Go Colts!!
Go Bears!!
Come on tie!


Laurie said...

It is understandable that you are so conflicted. It looks like you will be happy no matter who wins. You can't complain about that.

I'm still rooting for the Colts. I completely agree with the Peyton Manning sentiment. He is the real deal and deserves to win.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Hating Tom Brady is really all that matters.

Bob said...

J Man all I can tell you is you root for your home town team. I know the Colts moved from Baltimore and the tradition is not really as deep. I don't question you like the Bears, but you have to pull and root for your guys.

Your right throw the lists out the window, it's only a game but root for your home town team.

Firefly's Running said...

Jason, I am in the same dilema myself. I had Peyton on my fantasy league and he was UNTOUCHABLE. On the other hand, I have another person in my life would want me to me cheer for Chicago....and I am the third party here. Geeez! Thank goodness for distance!!

LeahC said...

home town team...shmoe town team. uh...fortwayne does not equal Chicago is only about 40 miles farther away from the fort.....and the Bears are way way cooler than the there :-) Better colors :-)


Anonymous said...


Running Jayhawk said...

I thought about responding with a simple 'NAY' know, just for a good ole jab in the side...

I or loose, let's just booze.

Because really...isn't that what the Super Bowl is all about?

...well...that, and the BEARS WINNING.

Andrea said...

I know someone who had the sme issue with the recent BCS Championship game. She had grown upin Ohio (and was watching the game in Columbus), but she'd attended the University of Florida. Her family had actually made her a shirt that was half gators, half buckeyes, and she wore that, but she really wasn't sure who to cheer for. In the end, I think she was the only person in Ohio who was moderately content with the outcome.

Bridgette said...

Jason - once you're for the Horse, you can't go back! I can't even believe what my little eyes are reading! Your wife will respect you more if you're not a waffling snit & go with your hometown team! Colts are for INDIANA - not just Indianapolis.

Make it Personal!!!
Blue & White - Fight!! (I made this one up)

Another way to look at it: I am moving to Columbus, OH, but I'll be DAMNED if I'm ever going to root for OSU over IU!

LeahC said...

oh please....go horse?

in a fight between a bear and a horse who wins? I think we all know the answer to that.

AND you better not be rooting for see the difference is that OSU is pure evil and DA BEARS are pure goodness.


Thomas said...

I'm disgusted.

No matter what sport, no matter what team, no matter what. You can never switch your allegiances. If you've supported the Colts (and especially since 1995), you should know who to root for.

Really, I'm disgusted.

LeahC said...

ok really.....since '95...that's only like 11 years. He's been a Bears fan for it's not like his allegiance to the Colts is some childhood thing that's he's had for 25 years or anything...THAT I could understand.....

hahaha....should be a fun Superbowl. Especially if and when he starts "whoo hooing" for the Colts in a bar that is laden with angry Chicago fans.

PLUS I think he should just be a colts fan that...none of this, well I like both teams :-)

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Jayhawk is right: it's about the booze.

(And you BCS fans out there: oh, please!  Like college ball really matters compared to the pros.)

(Shit, I'm in trouble now!)

PatsFan said...

Patriots fan drive-by:

I don't understand the contingent of Pats fans who hate Peyton Manning. He's an awesome QB, and from what I hear, a decent man. I fall in with the side that thinks that, if the Pats have to be out, Payton deserves a Superbowl ring.

This is not an original sentiment, but: The Bears are a good team from a mediocre conference. (The AFC-vs-NFC record this year was 40-24!) The Colts are a great team from a very good conference, and they had to beat great teams to win it.

Go Colts!

p.s. Tom Brady is the man.

LeahC said...

pats fan....the bears can't do anything about their conference...all they can do is show up the Colts in two weeks....we spanked many of the teams in nfc and sent them on their way which you would expect since I agree we do have a weaker conference.(i'm not talk about miami....god that was an ugly game)

(holy crap is it fun having a team to root for in the Superbowl! I'm usually into the game, but way interested in the commercials)

thanks for stopping by!

Jason said...

Okay, time for me to chime in.

It seems that people think I'm asking whether I should bandwagon on with the Bears or root for my real team. That's not what this is about.

I'm a bears fan. And I'm a Colts fan. Up until now this has never been an issue as they never really play each other. The issue I'm having is determining which team I want to win more. I think it's the Colts, but when I think about the Bears losing it makes me sad.

My loyalty has been questioned here either directly or indirectly. For better or for worse, one thing I always am is loyal to my sports team. I'm not now nor have I ever been a bandwagonner. Hell, I slept through the entire White Sox World Series.

The thing is, and I'm just repeating this for emphasis, I have two rooting interests. I'm pretty sure I'll end up rooting for the Colts but I'm also pretty sure I won't root against the Bears.

Leah, of course, will be rooting against Peyton, but that's to be expected.

Whatever, either way I'm happy. And unhappy. And happy.


Haight said...

Heck...Detroit is only about 30 more miles than Indy from Ft. Wayne. I guess it could be worse.

Go Bears!

mouse said...

HEYHEYHEY. leave us Detroiters out of this. or we'll cap yo ass!

for real though, Jason, your wife may have cemented my rooting for the bears with her whole "OSU is pure evil" argument (which I know has nothing to do with the NFL, but whatever... I'm easily swooned by anti-OSU arguments).

and WHY ON EARTH DO YOU ALL HATE TOM BRADY? DON'T YOU REALIZE THAT HE'S A DREAMBOAT? seriously. y'all are just jealous of him, i'm sure...

PatsFan said...

Speaking as a dude, I have to admit that Tom Brady is a handsome guy (though I wouldn't care if he looked like Randy Johnson as long as he could run an offense). But what's up with the huge cleft in his chin? It looks like Peter Griffin's chin (from Family Guy), i.e. balls :)

Josh said...

If the game ends up as a tie, I shall by both you and Leah new running shoes! How about that? :)

Actually, I'm torn too. I have no personal stake it either, but they're both nice, respectable teams. Damn, why couldn't it be the Bears vs. Raiders? The Raiders suck, that's why.