Monday, January 22, 2007

Greatest Weekend Ever.....IT HAPPENED

I am pretty much without words on the greatness of the past weekend.

The weekend started out with the Cubs convention. We went to this last year and I've got to say this year there was a lot more excitement in the air about the team. With a new coach and a load of new players I think we are going to be good this year. I realize that the Convention is just a big weekend of advertising for the Cubs....BUT this year it was different. I like the new coach and....well it just sounds like they are going to be....well GO CUBS.

Oh yeah and Mark Grace graced Cubs fans with his presence at the Convention for the first time since he was traded out of the city. We went to a session called, 'The Boys of Zimmer' that Grace was at along with about 7 other players from the 89 Cubs team. It was a really really fun session with lots of funny stories from that year....we learned that Zimmer frequently said, "Because I'm the manager". When asked why players weren't in the lineup....they would be told.....Because I'm the manager. Except when Grace asked the same question and was told, "Because today son, I want to win". Ha.

Sunday saw us with a day full of football. We got to our local bar at 10:45 (that's right). We got a Bloody Mary and read the NY Times for awhile. The place was jammed about 1.5 hours before game time so I was happy to have a seat at the Bar even if I HAD to get there early. I don't have any words about the Bears win. I am speechless. Everyone was hugging eachother and high fiving and cheering and just well...shit....just amazing.

After the Bears game we stayed in our seats for the Colts game. There was too much celebrating to leave....and Jason didn't want to miss any of the we stayed. The drinking slowed down a bit at this point (note...I'm not "bragging"....just telling the story of the weekend...that's just for you anonymous). After the Colts won, the bartender bought us shots as he was rooting for the Pats.....don't know if I needed it...but I took it.

On the way home from the game, we high fived anyone we saw on the sidewalk and gave them a, "How 'bout dem Bears!!!" We stopped by Lisa and Evin's to cheer some more.....apologies again for bring our ashtray/beer/shot smelling selves into their apartment :-). We stayed for about 10 mintues and continued home...where we fell asleep to Sports Center and Bears Highlights.

Today I can't read/listen to enough Bears talk. So. Happy.

Go Bears!!!!!!!


Laurie said...

I'm glad your weekend was as good as you had hoped. You were smart to get to the bar so early.

LeahC said...

laurie -

hee hee ..."smart" 11 hours on a bar stool = awesome :-)

GO BEARS. (i just can't stop)

Firefly's Running said...

WOW! You guys amaze me. I hope you can do that again when I fly back into town in 19 days (and no, I am not counting them down) and help me celebrate!

Anonymous said...

Its a good weekend to be a Chicagoian!

Mark Grace said...

It was really great seeing you guys.  I hope you'll join me at training camp this spring.

Bridgette said...

I just left a comment that the stupid blogger didn't post! grrr

It was very witty & I can't remember.... something about go blue & Chad is a Bears fan. :)

Joe said...

That Colts game was one of the best NFL playoff games I have ever seen. I guess you preferred da Bears game, though.

Lisa said...

we love and welcome all smelly football fans into our apartment!....such a fun weekend...Lisa

Lana said...

Go Cubs!! And congrats to the Bears for making it back to Super Bowl! I vividly remember them there in 85. Super Bowl XX. Jim McMahon and the Super Bowl Shuffle. I remember that so well because it was the first year I got into pro football. I was a NY Giants fan (since converted to Titans since TN finally got a team), but how could you not love the Bears that year?

Ditka vs a hurricane named Ditka?