Wednesday, January 03, 2007

new Shoes, the Love & Twin Peaks

Yesterday the plan called for 10 miles with 5@LT. Jason and I have been in the funk lately and running has been by far the last thing we have wanted to do. Our legs have been hurting for one, but more importantly every step that we took (well every step that I took anyways) was like one step closer to death. I didn't want to be out there and it just wasn't fun anymore.

One of the big problems was that my shoes were pushing 350 miles and so I just felt dead because my legs and feet felt dead. I had been wanting to wait for the the brooks Adrenaline 7s to come out but after calling around yesterday it looked like they weren't out and one store told me that the release date had been pushed back to the middle of the month. After some slightly weird customer service at Running Away (I asked them to call me when the shoes came in, and when I called yesterday to see if they knew when they were coming in the guy said, "Are you that in need of new shoes?" why do you care and why don't you know when they are going to be in your store....anyhoo) I called Fleet Feet and for once they had some nice customer service. Although they didn't have the 7s they did have the 6s in both Jason and I's sizes which is shocking since I wear a size 10.5 (I'm 6' tall leave me alone) and it's a less than common size to have especially since the new version will be out soon. So we asked them to hold them and we headed down there. Jason also got his Christmas present from me in the form of a new digital watch AND we found out that you get money back if you shop at Fleet Feet, so next time we buy something there we'll get $25 bucks off.....which I have to say is very nice. We'll be back again for sure.....hopefully the guy that helped us yesterday will be back as he was very nice :-)

Right then. We had shiney new shoes for our run. We decided that since we hadn't been able to locate the Love we would just run 10 miles and go more on feel and forget the LT as that would have probably thrown me into a pit of running despair. So we drove over the the Lakefront and just ran. We stopped and stretched frequently, said hello to a very nice Chicago cop, found a new little path which goes along Ohio St. Beach (as you are coming around that corner from the North keep turning left instead of going on to Navy Pier and there is a nice tree lined walkway that i would say is about a 1/2 mile long) stopped and stretched...looked at the beauty that is Chicago (again I ask myself why one would ever leave this city.....) and made it back to the totem pole pacing 9:30 min/mile. I know this is slow for us, but for as enjoyable as that run was I really don't care. The miles which we did not stop to stretch were all around 9:05 and the miles were we did stretch were that's where the 9:30 came from. Very very pleasent run and I'm now looking forward to the rest of the week. 4 mi recovery today and then 11 tomorrow. Then 5 Saturday and 17 Sunday.

Another day of out of bed at 5am. Excellent. And I even had my shit together enough to make muffins for Breakfast....Krusteaz No Fat muffin mix is very good for those of you that might be interested (we have tried the Bluberry and the Cranberry Orange....delicious and doesn't taste fat free)

Last but not least I got an e-mail this morning from Amazon saying that something I had asked to be alerted to when it was released was being released. What is that something? Twin Peaks Season 2 will be out on April 10th. That's right. Only 6 years later. The story is that we watched the series in college, it was very....I don't know college like, middle of the day watching Twin Peaks and eating donuts and cherry pie....i mean studying physics...i mean. Anyways, I bought the full series on VHS because I had gotten busy and hadn't been able to see the whole thing (ala who actually killed the girl) and Jason hadn't been in the group that was watching it. However the VHS quality SUCKED. So I returned it. Soon after that we saw that Twin Peaks was on DVD, so we bought it. Oh it was only season 1....where you don't find out anything. We bought that soon after we graduated from undergrad in 2001.....and I have refused to watch it because I have wanted the whole series. And really how long can it take for them to release season 2. Apparenlyt quite awhile. So. I am very excited about that and looking forward to a weekend full of Twin Peaks. Jason is happy that he can finally watch any of them :-)

Onto New Years Resolution 'Work Harder'


Bob said...

I am a twin peaks fan as well, I really like David Lynch's kinda weird make you think style. If you have not seen the movies, Blue Velvet or Rivers Edge I would recommend you get them if you like Twin Peaks.

LeahC said...

we have seen Blue Velvet, but not Rivers Edge...I'll add it to my Netflix. Thanks!

Laurie said...

Your Twin Peaks story made me giggle. Poor Jason has no idea what he has been missing.

Good call buying new shoes now and not waiting any longer for the updated version.

Running Jayhawk said...

You're funny. :) You'll finally be able to watch season 1 of TP. Hooray!

And I'm glad the 10-miler went well, even though you were nearly at "barb speed" (though I feel like a 9:30 pace would be sprinting for me...ha ha ha).

PS...I promise not to run over you on my big, bad, new shiney bike. I'm actually petrified about riding along the lake front path...TOO CROWDED!! Eep!! I actually wouldn't mind schleping it out to waterfall glenn...hmmm...

Thomas said...

You must know by now who killed her! You couldn't possibly have gone through all those years without passing someone shouting out "and remember, she was killed by (CENSORED)".

Btw, LT runs are always tough to begin with. However, after a mile or two you start tuning into the pace, and eventually you're glad you've done it. Lack of Love is just an excuse, as you very well know.

LeahC said...

hey thomas-

yes i think i do know who killed her because someone said it a long time I don't exactly remember so everyone ssshhhhhhhh :-)

as for lack of love....well i guess it's an excuse, but since I had a tough time with the run as it was and have been dealing with major leg pain the past two weeks, I wasn't seeing any 7:45 miles in there. Plus if it's not fun then there isn't any point out there doing it. I'll get on the LT train next week though as I get to try again with 11mi w/6@LT.

This race isn't that important to me. I just want my mom to see me run a marathon and stay in shape through the winter so I can start summer training in much better shape than I did last year. I really care about the Chicago Marathon in 2007 because that is where I plan to BQ, I will be way more focused and pissed when I miss runs over the summer, but as for now I would rather not lose my desire to run as then it would become a job and not something I like doing.

and yes I have done LT runs and do know how thrilling it is to get it done and how great you feel afterwards. I have also done LT runs where it just doesn't happen due to leg pain or whatever and the full distance doesn't get completed. In the end I wanted to run 10 miles yesterday and so it was slower, but it was super fun so that counts for something. I am proponent of listening to your body when it comes to just about everything and mine just wanted to run that's what I let it do.

wow that comment was too long.

Joe said...

You are 6 feet tall? Holy mackerel!

LeahC said...

(well almost 6'....probably like 5'11" 1/2...but I round up :-) )

GeekGirl said...

Wow...I never would have guessed that you are that tall. I feel like a dwarf at 5' 2".

Firefly's Running said...

Leah, don't feel bad about the shoe size. I am a 10 WIDE in some shoes, but mostly a size 9 WIDE myself (and I am only 5'6".) You did not look like you were 5'11" when I saw you on NYE.

As for the muffin, I LOVE Krustez. I usually add a little orange zest when I make the Cranberry muffin. Very yummy! Great job on the early wake-up.

Josh said...

Wow...that's some self control. Not watching!! Oh my. April will be here sooner than you know it. And sorry to hear your in a funk. Obviously, you want it to be enjoyable. Don't burn yourself out.