Sunday, January 07, 2007

Fast and then Slow

Going back a few days, we were supposed to run 11 miles on Thursday night as part of the continuing "don't run like crap in the new year" plan. Well, it was raining with a 20 mph wind and so that didn't happen. So we tried running at 4:30 am on Friday. Yeah, that's too early.

But we came up with a plan! We'd run 11 miles after work at Fermilab and before Leah's fancy dinner with all the people going to Washington D.C. with her for the science policy stuff. It would be tight, but we just managed to fit it in. Out at Fermi, we had an excellent 11 mile loop and, for once, it wasn't windy so we were able to run like the wind (or, not like the wind, since there wasn't any wind. Either way, we were fast). It worked out nicely since we needed to be fast to get done in time and pacing 8:37 miles was fast enough, it seemed. So we ran, Leah primped, and we were in Naperville just in time for her dinner. I dropped her off and went to get my own dinner in downtown Naperville, after which I just went to the Borders to hang out.

Saturday Leah was gone for the entire day at D.C. meetings and so I was left to my own devices. As it turns out, my own devices are pretty lazy. Oh well, I got in some solid laying about. Then she got home and was exhausted, so we went for our 5 mile recovery run (that was the "slow") and then crashed for the night. Just another exciting Saturday night in Chicago. That's okay cause we need sleep for our big 17 mile long run on Sunday (which is actually today), but that's a topic for another post.

Oh, and

Colts Win!!

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Laurie said...

I'm lazy when left to my own devices as well. But it feels soooo good.