Friday, February 08, 2008

We Made a Valient Effort

We got had a good light dinner.
We got dressed.
We packed up a gym bag with dry shoes and socks.
We bundled up.
We went to the car to drive to the gym.

That's where it ended. The car was covered in about an inch of ice/snow.

We went back inside. I reiterate. I hate the month of February.

IU beat Illinois in double over time. And I can tell you that the Illinois players are dirty little assholes as they were being so mean and nasty to our players. That's so childish and bad sportsmanship. I also say that's on the coach for even allowing that behavior happen.


Upstairs neighbors were noisy again. However, it was later (about 6:40am) and ended up being good because I forgot to reset the alarm to 6:15 from 8am. So the noisy neighbors woke Jason up and off to work he went.


Firefly's Running said...

February does SUCK! The weather makes it worse.

Firefly's Running said...
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