Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

All around the Chicago blog-o-sphere there is much bitching about the weather. Yes we are all tired of bitching and complaining and yet can't quite help ourselves. Why? BECAUSE IT'S SO BITCH ASS COLD OUT. We live on a first floor apartment with the worst heating system ever. I mean I am sure it's "legal" because we have a heater, however it should break some kind of code because there is a large disparity in temperature between the living room (no vents) and the kitchen where the heater is. Add to that the fact that basement girls have been evicted and so there is no heat coming from their apartment and so our floors are like ice. My dad said it's like camping in our apartment and he's not too far off.

Despite the cold we did go outside for a 3.5 mile run when Jason got home from work. Those people that don't shovel when it snows now have about an inch of solid ice on their sidewalks. So we ran about 3.5 miles in 32:32 for a 9:09 mile which is pretty good considering the fact that we were doing a lot of careful running on the ice to keep from falling.

Unfortunately, Jason woke up today feeling all kinds of miserable. Seems like he has gotten himself some kind of flu bug. He woke up with a bad headache and was sore. Part of the soreness should be from working out on Monday and the really hard run last night, but I don't think he should be as sore as he was. He made it into work today but won't be doing any kind of running today. Since running outside in this cold crap is less than fun, especially alone, I am going to go to the gym during the day today to do my tempo run on a treadmill before it gets too crowded over there. It's only a 30 minute run so it shouldn't be too bad. Plus I'll be able to control the speed pretty well.

And now just to make you laugh. Dooce of had this video posted yesterday and Jason and I were crying we were laughing so hard. I wish we had game shows like the Japanese have as they are *hilarous*!!


Bridgette said...

I wonder who gave him said flu bug... hrm. My guess is that the person's name rhymes with Peah. :)

That just solidifies it that I am so totally kicking your guys' butts at the pig. :)

Triseverance said...

OMG that is too funny! I try not to laugh to loud while at work but that made it difficult.
I think I am coming down with something as well, woke up with a headache.