Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Yesterday was a great day. I went to the lab and got some work done, I went shopping with a family friend and then Jason and I had a great session at the gym. We did our usual assortment of upper body stuff and then finished off with some ab work. Cheetah Gym is great, but there is no one area to do situps and stuff. There are a few small tiny areas that are always jammed. So Jason and I found some mats right by where they have washers and dryers (yep you could do your laundry at the gym) and so did our stuff there. It's good to keep up with the strength work as we always let that slip when we work out because running is more fun.

Today we have 3.5 miles on tap. I think we are going to eat dinner and then go to the gym around 9pm or so when we can be more sure of getting a treadmill. Although, it's not going to be all that windy tonight so maybe we can just bundle up and do the run outside even though we are looking at 16 degree feels like 5 degree temps. We'll see. This has been a really bad winter. I think I always say that at the end of February, it just seems that we have had way more snow and cold crappiness than we usually have.

Then on Wednesday we have a 30 minute tempo run. This plan is funny because when we did it the first time we were so excited to be doing speedwork and it was really tough. This time around it's awesome because after 2 years of doing Pfitz for marathon training it doesn't seem all that bad. The tempo runs are about 10 minutes of warming up then the middle part your ramp up until you are going the fastest you want to go about 2.3 of the way through the middle part and then slow back down, but not too slow and then take the last 5 minutes to cool down. Well that's what we did last time anyways.

I sent and e-mail to our friend Joe to see if he would be interested in the Flying Pig half and I think he just might be. I was thinking it would be fun for all of us to run it together as I think Joe could easily keep a 9min/mile pace and that's all we are looking for in this race. My bff Bridgette is doing the race already and so it will be a nice little IU reunion.


Firefly's Running said...

I agree that this winter has really sucked. Too cold and too much snow (at least when it falls on the ground).

Good luck on starting your HM training.

Andrea said...

hurray for the Pig! I'm doing the full :)