Friday, February 22, 2008


I love shoes, especially running shoes. When I worked at Sportmart back in the day I ended my summer working stint with hardly any money saved up as it all just went right back to Sportmart so I could get those super fab Nikes that had come out.

Now my love of shoes is obviously a necessity. With all the miles we put on shoes, especially in the summer we go through a new pair every few months (40 miles per week x 10 weeks = 400 miles...about time for retirement for me). I tend to stick with Brooks Adrenalines, because I know them an they have served me well but I went through a wacky path to figure out that those work for me.

There is a new site that has been recently launched that is a shoe guide. You can search for shoes by brand, type, weight of runner, surfaces & off road use. It's an extensive listing of running shoes each of which has an overview of the shoe, features as well as reviews. I think this would be a highly useful site and so I'll be adding the link to my sidebar. The link is :

I think many runners share the love and need for new shoes, so stop on by and check it out!

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Laura said...

Leah - Have you seen the Newton running shoes? Being a physicist, do you think the science behind the Newtons makes sense? I saw quite a few people running in them at the New Orleans Marathon/half marathon this past weekend so they seem popular. They seem to make sense from the physiological point of view but I would think you would have humongous calves after running in them for a long time.