Thursday, February 07, 2008

3 Miles in Snow & Wind

Yesterday after Jason got home from work we went out for a run. The weather was hideous but I had been in the apartment since Monday afternoon and so it was time to get out as cabin fever was starting to set it. Not many of the sidewalks were shoveled and so it made for lots of funky looking running. Our 3 mile loop goes by the Cousin Lisa's apartment and I needed to stop by quickly so we did that before continuing on our way. I am guessing she was holding back all kinds of laughter after looking at me in my winter running gear which is consisting of normal clothing and this ridiculous green and yellow stocking hat which of course has the little ball at the top. Awesome.

But we made it through the run without any drama and it was nice to get out of the apartment. Tonight we are going to go to the gym and try and do some speedwork on the treadmills since there is no where that we can go to do 1/4 mile repeats. When we followed the Higdon 1/2 marathon plan before we frequently just used the sidewalks to do them (Chicago blocks are almost all 1/8 mile run for two blocks and you got yourself 1/4 miles. On this note, the streets are eerily accurate as I have been like, oh that should have been about 6 miles and then when I have either run with Garmin or mapped out the run later it's almost to the T. I heart cities set up in grids). Alright moving on. So we are going to try and do 5x400m on a treadmill and see how that works. Should make treadmill running more interesting anyways.

The Coffee Report : It's going alright. I am down to one nice cup of coffee in the morning before I start doing physicsy work. I am sleeping a bit more though which annoys me because I would rather only sleep for 6-7 hours. Oh well. More sleep never killed anyone.

Work stuff is going really well. I am almost done rerunning my analysis. I have one new systematic to take care of and then I can focus in on writing my thesis full time.


therunnerchick said...

As the saying goes, what doesn't kill you, makes you STRONGER! I love being tough as nails (layers of winter gear and all)! And the crazy looks and laughs from others just fuels my fire! :)

I like your blog! .. .I'm not fully up to date on your coffee situation, but i recently gave it up. It's so HARD to break the habbit of not having my morning cup of Joe. ..not to mention the headaches I'm getting!

Scott said...

I can't imgine live on one cup of coffee. . . but then I'm down from my 2-3 POTS a day.

Laura said...

I would love to see a pic of the green and yellow stocking hat with the little ball on top ;)