Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's Still Exciting!

Well Obama and Hillary are still within sight of each other. I think that Obama's camp wanted to be within 100 delegates of Hillary by the end of super Tuesday and it looks like they made that happen. This is such an exciting time to be voting! Plus, it looks like McCain will win the Republican nomination, which is good because even though I don't like him he's probably less conservative than most republicans...but 100 years in Iraq? Really? I told Jason if Huckabee wins the Republican nomination and then the presidential we are moving out of the country. That guy is so annoying. When he speaks he sounds like a minister with dramatic (and too many!) pauses....oh that' right, BECAUSE HE IS A MINISTER. Yeah that's what we need in the White House.

I'm excited that both democratic candidates are both so strong and good. Jason and I are pulling for the Illinois Senator, but Clinton is also so amazing. So either way we are going to have a good team going up in November.

Yesterday after some frustrating calls with my parents (oh shit, they both read this blog...but they know that I was frustrated so no shocker there) one being resolved (although now I am having panic attacks based on the content.....yes I am going to be that secretive...fights with parental units should be... I LOVE YOU MOM) and the other ongoing since I was basically hung up on which always thrills me....when does this sentence end....Right, after the calls Jason came home and I was one big pile of cranky, it was raining ice and so I stayed in my cocoon. I told myself after last year that I would never train for a race in the winter again. Why didn't I listen to myself? Depending on the weather we are going to try and either get to the gym or run 3 miles outside tonight.

And thus we start Wednesday.

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