Monday, February 18, 2008

Crazy Good

After a horrible week of being sick and stuck on the couch and feeling super ill, Jason and I made up for it by have one of the best weekends.

On Saturday we had plans to meet up with my old friend Jean downtown for dinner. We left our apartment at about 1pm and since we had just missed the bus we decided to walk about a half a mile to a local Starbucks and get some drinks. It was so nice out and by that point were just about a mile from the Blue Line Chicago stop which we were going to grab to get downtown so we decided to walk there instead of riding the bus. Then we got to the subway station and said, you's still nice out let's keep walking. So we ended up walking all the way down to Millennium Park to catch the Museum of Modern Ice exhibit. I have to say that on first glance I was less than impressed. We were getting cold and tired at this point so we did some back and forth walking trying to find a place to just sit down and wait for my friend. A cafe across the street from the Bean served that purpose and some coffee and crossword puzzling was done.

After meeting up with Jean we all headed back to the exhibit and it was a much cooler thing at night when it was all lit up. So if you are going to go check it out I would recommend going at night. I would have pictures, but I actually came into the lab today and the pictures are on my computer at home. After hanging out a bit there we walked north to the House of Blues neighborhood and went to a place called A Mano for dinner. It was so super delicious and we would all highly recommend it.

THEN after dinner, we walked back to Millennium park and the four of us went ice skating. Jason and I were noticing all of these nice couples holding hands and blah blah. Of course when we held hands I would just whip Jason around as fast as I could (not that fast but I am a better ice skater than he is) and let go and watch him fall. I am *such* a good wife. I do have to say that Jason is so much better on ice skates than he was the first time we went about 6 years ago.

After ice skating we walked back north to get some stuff we had left at Jean's husband's school while we were ice skating, and continued on foot north to Chicago Ave where we had planned to take the bus. However, getting there and seeing a large crowd at the Michigan bus stop we decided that by this point (10:30pm) we had been walking for about 9 hours with a dinner break and treated ourselves to a cab ride home.

On Sunday we didn't do much of anything except go to the Blackhawks game. By far the most exciting game we had been to yet. The Hawks played some great defense the entire game, holding the Avalance to no goals in a 5 on 3 power play as well as the final minute of the game when the Avalance pulled their goalie and we had a penalty so we were playing 4 on 6. Hawks won 2-1. We have one more game in our Holiday season ticket package and I'm sad because it's been so fun. We'll have to do that again for sure next year.

I had a lot of trouble falling asleep again last night. I don't know what the deal is. I mean I had gotten up kind of late on Sunday morning, but I just stare at the clock going, yep....that's right your alarm is going to go off in 6 hours. Ok, now it's going to go off in 5.5 hours...ok, now 5.25. I finally fell asleep at about 1:30 or so I'm guessing and got up at 6:30 even though the alarm had been set for 5:30. I must have hit snooze for about an hour without realizing it.

I think we won't be too bad on the running front. I am going to do the second week of the training plan as we should this week. Next week the schedule is somewhat of a cut back week with a 5K race planned. With me on vacation I'm going to run when I can. With my dad back on his running horse we'll probably do some short and slow father daughter runs :-) It'll be nice to run in shorts again. Then when I get home there shouldn't be any trouble sticking the schedule for the last 9 weeks of the training.

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Firefly's Running said...

I was totally amazed on how hard it was to get decent tickets to the Blackhawks game on Sunday - all standing only by Saturday night.

Good luck on getting back in groove of running. Do what you can.