Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Good times in Paradise

Day 3 of the vacation is going well. I have managed to get two runs in in the past two days. I use the word runs loosely as the first one was more of a 30 minute running/walking tour around Grand Case with my dad. Then this morning I decided to try and get some hill work in. So I found a hill that was pretty long...1/4 mile...1/2 mile maybe. I thought I could run up the hill and walk back down it about 10 times. Then I realized that the hill was really really steep and so I changed to 5 times....THEN at the end of the 4th repeat I was dying (there are no hills in Chicago) and figured no need to kill myself while vacationing. Plus I always figure something is better than nothing.

We went snorkling today which was fun. I love the other world that happens when you put on the snorkel mask. Even if there aren't a ton of fish, it's still amazing.

So as I sit in a bar with a sand floor and finish an El Presidente I'll leave you with this picture (tons to come of course when I have faster internet upload). This is the scene when you are leaving Simpson Bay in St. Maarten.


Firefly's Running said...

The picture you posted is breathtakingly beautiful. Enjoy your time with your dad.

Triseverance said...

El Presidente is my favorite beer to drink down there. The story why is funny but to long to go into here. Enjoy your vacation.

lifestudent said...

Beautiful. And keeping up with workouts...quite honorable. Thats dedication!

Lana said...

That is beautiful. Enjoy the beer, the goodtimes, and running in paradise!