Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Well, that was a nice run

Monday meant two things: rooting for the Patriots to lose and running alone. Leah has volleyball on Mondays and so she runs during the day, which leaves me to run at night.

Since I stop graduate schooling and started real-jobbing, I've been sort of off on the running. I'd like to say it's been sporadic, but that'd be too kind. Actually, most of the times I've gone running during the week it's been by myself and has been kind of boring. I'd take music, but I didn't want to lose one of my five senses while running in the city at night (I refer, of course, to my sense of smell). But, today I got to take music as we got in the mail a new pair of headphones to test and review called AirDrives. Super awesome headphones, to be more precise.

No really, they were really sweet. They go around your ears (or over your ears, I guess) and then, instead of being inserted into the ear cavity, it lays on the outside nubbin part. I put them on and I wasn't really sure if I had them on right since I couldn't really feel anything, but then I turned on the music and there it was. Clear as day, so to speak. And since the headphones didn't go in my ears, I could still hear the street noise (and since I didn't stick them up my nose, I retained my sense of smell). And another nice thing was that when I put the hat on over my ears, it didn't hurt. When I have regular ear bud headphones, they always get jammed into my ears and it can get kind of uncomfortable. No such issue with these.

Okay, enough gushing about the headphones. The point of the story is that I had a really nice run and the first really enjoyable solo run since the marathon pace run I had to do by myself back when Leah was in Florida. I definitely think music was the key, so yay to nifty headphones.

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