Monday, December 03, 2007

Delayed Posting

Means that tons of cool things happen and then I don't post about them, and the multiple super cool things build up and then I have to have really long posts about it. SO here we go.

My dad just got a new kitten named Mismo, although I think they are referring to her as "Mismo the Wonder Cat". She is only a month old. The mother abandoned the kitten, and her and her brother were the only two to survive. She's enjoying living on the boat so far and really....could she be any cuter!?! Click on the picture of her for a photo album of more Mismo pictures.

Fort Wayne & In-Laws

On Friday night we drove to Fort Wayne, because Jason's oldest brother Andy and his daughter Caeli were in town and we wanted to surprise them. Caeli was asleep when we got there unfortunately but we stayed up late talking to Andy and Jason's other brother Jamie who came down with his daughter Sam. I am an only child and it's very strange still to be around the three of them. They don't see each other that often, especially Andy and they are so similar with the same senses of humor. It's very strange. On Saturday morning we played with Caeli for a few hours which was very entertaining. She is 18 months old and spectacular. I wish we had the chance to see them more often. With Jason making more than peanuts we should have money to just take a quick weekend flight to Philly to visit more often.

It's great seeing Jason's family as always, but it also always makes me realize how much I miss my family. I had a very bizarre relationship with my parents where they were both so important to me (of course they still are) and I always had them all up in my business and the drama that is Leah. I would call almost every day and I would see them all the time. With my dad on the boat I only hear from him when he can find a phone and I still call my mom a lot, but with her in Florida I only see her once a year if that. I started thinking about Christmas Eve and on one hand I am super excited because Jason and I are going to chill out with each other and do whatever we are going to do....but on the other I just want my mom. Christmas Eve ended up being her day around the holidays and we would watch White Christmas after everyone went home. I don't know. If she was around I am sure there would be multiple episodes of drama, but after all that ended and the tears and doors slamming would be over (I kid...that didn't happen *every* year) we would sit with only the Christmas lights on and eat Christmas cookies and watch our movie. She is planning on moving back and I just can't wait for that to happen. I don't think my dad will ever move back, and so I tend to just not think about that. I am planning a trip to St. Martin in February if all works out...but I'm really only going to see Mismo :-)

Anyways...moving on.

Holiday Party

Saturday night saw us at Jason's company's holiday party. It was the first non-Fermilab party that we have ever gone too. It was cocktail attire and so we got all dressed up and had the best time! It was open bar and had only top shelf liquors. The food was buffet style, but it was all really fancy with lobster tail, sushi and tons of other tasty treats. Jason introduced me to the owner of the company and we talked with him and his wife for quite awhile. They were both really nice and his wife was from Finland so we told her about our friends here at Fermilab from Finland. As soon as she said where she was from, we both were like, of course! that' why you sound exactly like Tuula.

After dessert the floor opened up for dancing, which was interesting in my 3.5" heels to say the least. Everyone we talked to was so happy about the company and no on was bitching and it was just a good classy time. Jason at one point looked around and said, "How do I get to work for these people". I'm so glad he's so happy with his company, as I would think it would make having a real job more bearable.

We might have come home and taken a lot of drunk silly pictures now that I have a tripod for the camera (I also got a new flash which is making my life so much easier!). To see a few more go here. We are thinking about making the one on the right our holiday card picture.....maybe not.

Modest Mouse
Last night the ever famous Running Jayhawk took me to the Modest Mouse concert that was at The Congress Theater. We had a ton of fun and who heart's Modest Mouse....oooh I do. It was a pretty good concert although during one the of the songs the lead singer got a little over excited and ended up having both of his microphone stands in the audience. They also had a couple instances of feedback problems which I am guessing was intentional but I'm hoping now because it was kind of annoying.

Running last week was pretty much non-existent. I did go for a run this morning which ended up being pretty good even though it was really cold out. Stay tuned tomorrow as Jason and I will have a review up on a new pair of AirDrives headphones we got.


Nicole said...

Mismo is adorable! As are your nieces.

You both look fabulous and I'm glad Jason has a great job. So, worth all the hard work.

Happy Holidays.

Firefly's Running said...

Mismo is SOOOOO cute! How does your dad dispose of the dirty litter? That's what I am curious about as a cat owner myself.

Great pictures of your two. You guys look great!

Running Jayhawk said...

Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the crazy cat photo. You must, must, MUST use this.

It's awesome.

And seriously...Scott isn't going to know what hit him. I'm going to hop aboard his boat and steal that adorable cuteness one night in his sleep. I <3 Mismo!