Monday, December 10, 2007

Too Much Fun on Friday Night

And by too much fun I mean too much booze. Jason and I had a few glasses of wine and then we went out to meet some of our physics friends at our local favorite Small Bar. When we got there it was way more crowded than I have ever seen it before and apparently Lincoln Park people made their way west because it was pretty Trixiefied. Since we literally couldn't move from one end to the other we decided to see if our friends were next door at Innjoy since they had mentioned they were going to have dinner there.

We got two seats at the bar and didn't see our friends but decided to have a drink. A Cosmopolitan for me and Grey Goose on the rocks for Jason, a super awesome bartender named Madrid and retro dance music from the DJ. At one point the bartender topped off my drink, and then I ordered another one, a guy came in and said to us, "Hey, my life totally sucks shots on me", which was kind of sad...but I'm never one to say no to free drinks.

We left soon after that and I proceeded to have an evening akin to my 22nd birthday, which I have chalked up to the worst night of my life...I mean super fun, and then the realization that you will probably stay wherever you fall....which is good Jason was there to walk me home otherwise we might have had a frozen runner on our hands.

I woke up Saturday morning, probably still a little drunk. I had the cookie bake with Mouse and Barb though at 10am, so I went back to sleep for an hour and then forced myself into the shower. I don't know what happened. It really wasn't that much that I had to drink and I'm frustrated that the drinking to evening behavior don't add up. I'm taking a break from drinking anything for awhile because this weekend, as was most weekends in my early 20s, was completely lost to anything productive.

Except of course the cookie bake. Holy ass hat Batman did we make a lot of cookies. We baked from about 10am till 5pm at which point I don't know where Mouse we even putting the cookies as all the cooling sheets were taken up with the peanut butter kiss cookies. There was even a frosting fight between the other two lady runners as we all got a little wacky as the evening progressed. After the cookies were baked, I went to Wrightwood Tap and met up with Jason and his friend from work who were there watching the IU game. Another win for the Hoosiers and they pounded on Kentucky which was nice to see.

Saturday night we didn't do anything.

Sunday. Literally didn't do no, we did have one of those great Sundays where you ...well don't do anything. We watched three movies (Adventures in Babysitting, Karate Kid & Love Actually) and two football games (Patriots vs Pittsburgh & Colts vs Ravens). I read a bit of my book, we had snacks we napped. It was actually great, although of course we didn't get a run in at all this weekend.

So it's a new week, and another attempt at running 25ish miles is on the table. Another stab at winter health is going to be tried.


Firefly's Running said...

I am SO glad that I am not the only one who uses the word "trixified".

The cookies look YUMMMY! I hope you feel better today.

Russ said...

could someone pls define the word trixified for the uninformed.

LeahC said...

Hi Russ-

I doubt that the firefly actually knows what a Trixie is as it was a term that was super popular in Chicago about 5 or 6 years ago. There was a website dedicated to the Lincoln Park Trixies, which was defined as a sorority society for women living in Lincoln Park. The rules to be a member were hilarous, must drive a VW Jetta, carry Kate Spade handbags. It was just making fun of a lot of the Lincoln Park population. There used to be a website, but it doesn't seem to be up anymore. Here is the Urban dictionary definition :