Tuesday, December 04, 2007

AirDrives, the Wonder Headphones

About a month ago we were contacted by a representative for AirDrives Headphones who was looking for honest reviews of their new headphones. We said we would love to try them out and so about a week ago we got the headphones in the mail.

I have to say, I was a little skeptical about the headphones. The idea is that instead of jamming a plastic ear bud into your ears the speaker sits on the outside of your ear on the little nubbin thing and then the music is delivered, but you still have full access to the sounds around you. For such a tall girl I have remarkably small ears and so I didn't think that the headphones would stay on my ears, and especially when I started running I thought that they would bounce right off. I have only found that the over the head headphones work for me, especially while running. Plus, the speakers weren't even in your ears so how were you going to hear the music.

I went out for a run yesterday morning (5 miles..yadda yadda, it was a good run) and took the headphones out for a test drive. I put them on and then realized you can tighten down the grip around your ears so it doesn't really matter what size your ears are. I turned on the iPod, waiting to not hear the music because how could this ever work, and then all of a sudden, perfect sound. I adjusted the volume to what I thought would be good and headed out. I had a ear band on on top of the headphones because it was cold outside and that was the first huge difference I could notice. If you have plastic headphones in, when you put a hat or ear band on they no doubt get pushed farther into your ears and that's not ever comfortable.

The AirDrives are amazing because running in the city I like to be able to hear what's happening around me and this was perfect. It was like running with someone carrying a boombox next to me. When there was a ton of traffic around me, I couldn't hear the music as well...but then again I shouldn't as I should be able to hear the traffic around me. That being said, there was never a problem hearing the music in general and since it wasn't jammed into my ears I could turn the volume up but not hurt my ears because I wanted to rock out during the last mile of the run.

For the last half mile of the run I thought that maybe they were just working so well because I had them somewhat stuck on my ears because I had the ear band on, so I took that off for the end of the run to make sure I test all aspects. I took it off and no problem. The AirDrives didn't slip off and the sound was perfect. Still could hear the music no problem among the city sounds.

I think the AirDrives are unreal and I would highly recommend them. The only con to the headphones I would say is the price as they are running at $99. That being said, I would say that they are worth it. Good sound & safer for both your ears and your well being since you can hear the world around you.


Sailor Sue said...

Maybe you can work out a deal where people can buy the headphones via your site and you get a little commission. They sound like a great invention.


Some guy said...

With the open-ear design, do they "leak" sound outward such that people around you can hear your audio?

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome post, Leah. Great product review. Earphone don't like me either. I have had to spend lots of $$ to find the right one.

Rae said...

Very interesting. I think they sound cool but I also wouldn't drop that much on a pair of earphones for running (particularly since races around here are starting to ban headphones anyway). And I doubt I could wear them at work since all my coworkers would be able to hear the music, right?

Joe said...

Cool product. I, too, usually have to wear the over the head kind.

LeahC said...

yes I do think that it is easier for other people to hear the music since it's over your ears. But when I'm running I don't really care about that. I have regular iPod earbuds for normal head phone listening.

As far as for races...I was thinking about that and how perfect these would be for races. You would be able to hear everything you so you could get the full spectator effect and also make sure you don't get in the way of other runners.

Jason and I will check out how loud the music is to others tonight. i am guessing that it wouldn't be THAT bad since the speaker is still sitting right on your ears and it wouldn't be all that loud.

Triseverance said...

Look at you doing product reviews for free schwag, your dad must be proud. :)Seems like a neat product but limited in relation to the cost.