Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yep, all recovered

Yesterday was oh-so-busy, but it was a good kind of busy. What does that mean, exactly? It means that Leah was busy making Christmas cookies! Woot, that's what I say to that.

To be precise, she was mostly making dough to be baked today (which she's doing this very moment). So far, the cookies have come out perfectly and we've managed to tame the oven which was apparently forged in the pits of hell. That is, it's a tad hot. An oven thermometer has made burned cookies a thing of the past, however.

Okay, sorry, I suppose I've got cookies on the mind too much (which is why it's good that I run). We also ran yesterday after all the dough was safely stowed away in the fridge. We went 4 miles in the shape of a loop, arriving back at our apartment ~42 minutes later. Over 10 minute miles? That, my friends, is an excellent recovery pace for these two. I'm very proud of us for slowing down so well as we need to make sure we stay healthy and injury-free this winter. Suffice to say, there will be no ice bathes this winter.

In about an hour we'll be heading out for a 12 mile run. I'm thinking we'll be driving to the lakefront path as a) we don't want to have to skate over the ice on the city sidewalks for 12 miles and b) don't want to have to deal with shoppers on Chicago Avenue for the first and last four miles of our run.

Okay, time to go see if Leah's made some more cookies.

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