Wednesday, December 20, 2006

LT, Cookies Phase I & Blogger Beta?

Yesterday was the first Lactate Threshold run of the training cycle. In my opinion these are by far the hardest runs on the schedule. I get nervous and have a slight stomach ache the day we are doing them, similar to if it was a race day. During the summer, I think we ended up only getting through two of these fully, the first one and the last one.

Well we got through the first one again with flying colors. The splits were :
  1. 8:59
  2. 8:54
  3. 8:32
  4. 7:42
  5. 7:52
  6. 7:53
  7. 7:30
  8. 12:whatever
So Miles 4-7 were nicely under 8 minute miles. Good fast and LOUD music helped on these. We walked a bit during mile 8 and then picked it up and ran probably the last 0.75 miles. I have a love hate relationship with these workouts. If I get through them I feel like a beast and the best runner in the world....if however they go terribly, my day is ruined because I wonder if I could have gotten through it had I tried a bit harder. So for now I am a beast runner, we'll see what happens the next time we try this workout.

I made the cookie dough for the two types of cookies which need to be refridgerated overnight last night. Today is the big day of cookie making, I am hoping to get all or at least most of the cookies done. We'll see how far I can make it, no running today and leaving early since we got here at 6am but there is a desire for a haircut and some more christmas shopping, so we'll see how early I can get started.

and uh...Blogger Beta. It finally said I can switch and I don't have any circumstances, too many posts or team blogs which held me up in the past. Then I tried and it was all, "No you actually suck and we can't switch you!" So I will stick in OldBlogger World for now.

Quote of the day from Mr. Jason "My lower legs stumps are very sore."

Happy Hump Day.


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Your post touched on a lot of subjects important to me:

* "Lactate Threshhold"
* LOUD music
* Beta Blogger sucks
* Sore leg stumps

Great split times!  Keep it up!!

D. Chang said...

haha...good use of flying colors

Firefly's Running said...

VERY cute comment from Jason. LOL!

P.S. Could you save some cookies please for this little Firefly? :D

Josh said...

Nice job with the run! And don't worry, the new blogger isn't bad at all. Not much of a difference really.

Running Jayhawk said...

boo!! my post didn't stick. stupid blogger.

Okay. Well. I just wanted to say that we might have to break up. Mike said your sugar cookies were better than mine (when will men learn the appropriate time to fib?!)...

...but then...I tasted mine...and while good...they weren't baked with Leah Love...and that special citrus zest...and they totally paled in comparison.

Show me the way, oh wise cookie sage.