Friday, December 01, 2006


I absolutly love the first snow of the season, before it gets all dirty and gross and eventually just a pain in the ass. Today we woke up with a couple of inches on the ground, a winter wonderland you might say. To bypass the morning commute in the snow, working from home was on the menu. We have an 8 mile run and a 10 mile run to do sometime in the next three days. I am thinking we are going to do them Saturday and Sunday to give people a chance to shovel if they are going to.

I am in the process of making all kinds of Christmas cookies for the holidays. My Aunt always makes cookies for everyone as part of their presents and I am hoping to start a similar tradition. Yesterday I made thumbprint cookies (which are my absolute favorite) for the first time ever. I thought they tasted a bit funny and when I was at the Jewel this morning picking up a few things I realized that the flour we had in the house was self-rising flour which I had used to bake some bread a few weeks although they were still delicious at least now I know why they weren't quite right. I was also following my stepmom's recipe for these delicious do-dads and her instructions for the frosting where "add sugar and milk until the consistancy is good"....I don't know what 'good' meant, but it tasted super good. I am doing a trial run of all the cookies I am going to make before the final batches to give people....this makes Jason pretty happy and you know....runner DO need carbs. Right?


Firefly's Running said...


Firefly's Running said...

BTW, did you guys get my e-mail from earlier this week?

Tim said...

I'm not sure I ever thought I'd say this, but your picture is making me miss those Chicago winters... Yay snow!