Saturday, December 02, 2006

Slip Sliding Through Five

We spent our morning shopping and gettng some holiday decorations. I am going to get into the holiday spirit if it kills me and if that means raiding the Crate and Barrel Outlet store, so be it.

Then we hit Target and I almost killed...well everyone there. It was so crowded but we got some cute stuff. Tonight we are going to listen to some christmas music and decorate and maybe make another batch of cookies....all friends of Leah and Jason get ready to get forced to eat cookies :-)

After our shopping escape we went for a run and I have to say not much more could have made it more perfect. The temps were ideal at upper 20s and I just love running in the winter. The snow was amazing and it was just...i don't know....very nice I guess is the word I am looking for. We only made it five miles but there was a lot of skating in there and so we say we went 5 forward and 5 sideways :-) The pace was pretty slow but we waited at lights and took it slow on the icy patches. We are going to try for more than 5 tomorrow after the Bears game....we'll see.

Happy Winter Running!


Firefly's Running said...

Be careful. You do not know want to do a "Firefly". LOL!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could love winter running.

Bob Gentile said...

Hi Leah & Jason, Found ur blog via Lana's ... Winter time huh up there..I am from Sunny Florida, not a big fan of the cold...

We did and outside B'Que this afternoon and watched My Giants lose to the Cowboys---grrr :(

well just wanted to stop by. Great Blog and will be back from time to time,

Enjoy UR Winter--burrrrrr--lol


Michele said...

Upper 20's and perfect running should not be used together.

I am a wimp and would be running inside in those temps. Great job to both of you for getting out there.

Be careful.