Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday Headache....


awe-some to say the least.

Jason and I played volleyball for about an hour and a half and headed home as soon as our games were over (and we won a game!!!!). We went out to our favorite bar, Small Bar, which we frequent on Monday nights anyways, and wow what a difference between Monday night when no Bears are playing and Monday night when they are playing. The place was jammed, but we managed to find a little table and some stools.

We put an order in for a bbq chicken pizza and then waited and waited and got some comped beers because we waited for about an hour for the pizza to get done. We also ran into a fellow Fermilab dude and hung out with him for the second half of the game which was fun. Anyways, way too many beers later and a Bears win we headed home happy as can be.

Then I woke up. With a headache. With the knowledge that I have a noon meeting with my advisor and in my usual Leah Sucks fashion I have nothing more than I had last week on my analysis. With the knowledge that I better get out of the funk because I have marathon training starting this evening. With that I am off. An hour and a half before my meeting. Mantra of the day is, "Just don't cry in front of your boss"


Bridgette said...

There's no crying in baseball... oh wait, I have cried at work tho. :)

Firefly's Running said...

Hang in there, Leah. Thinks will get better soon.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Crying at work is of course something you want to avoid.  More fun is crying at places where it's even less appropriate, such as the supermarket, dry cleaners, video arcade, Dave & Busters, Chicago Skyway tollbooth, college beer party, and dumb Sylvester Stallone movie (not Rocky) -- all places where I've shed a tear for no particular reason.

The Bears were amazing Monday night and I was close to tears when they scored their first TD.  My friend Jay almost cried at the same game, but in his case it was because Rex Grossman failed to get critically injured.

Moral of the story: crying is cool and so are the Bears (but not Grossman).