Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Running Like....Really Hard

Or maybe running with a hangover and after another shitty day at work makes it so hard.

Either way the plan was 8 miles with 10x100m strides in there. We split the workout into three parts as follows :
  1. One lap around the ring = 3.7 miles
  2. Walked out 100m, strided back, walked to start ended up = 1.5 miles
  3. Out and back on the ring = 2.8 miles
For a total of 8 miles. I felt just "ok" during this run which I guess is all I can really expect after Monday night's night of apparently I am an alcoholic (I'm kidding....right?). The strides were all great but those last 2.8 miles were a bit tough. I forgot to upload the data when I got home so I don't have pace numbers yet. For those of you Mac&Garmim users that haven't tried it yet, TrackRunner is really great. I like that I can finally see all my paces and distances in one place. So kudos to the writer of that software and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow.

Today is cross training or rest which I am going to take for weight training at the gym. Just some upper body stuff and situps. Then we are off to Lisa and Evin's where Lisa is going to teach me how she makes her Christmas candy. Woot.


Bob said...

Leah, first off if you think you are an alcoholic I will come down and drink with you sometime, that will put it all in perspective for ya. :)I promise you will feel much better about yourself.

Secondly I am glad you found some Mac software for your Garmin. Perhaps they can address that one on one of those Mac/PC commercials they do. Those crack me up.

Lars Nielsen said...

Just wanted to thank you for you kind words about my project (TrackRunner). That's a real motivation boost :-)
BTW. I can see that 20 (or so) hits are coming from this blog, which is also greatly appreciated.

LeahC said...

lars...thanks! keep up the great work.

yumke said...

you are admirable for structuring your workout.. my idea of structure is socks first, then tights, then base layer, then midlayer..

Anonymous said...

I admire you - making it through the run when you're feeling hung over is a big accomplishment! Nice job.

And I'm jealous of your Garmin/mac combo - sounds way cool.

Have fun with the candy and thanks for all the dress advice.

Lana said...

Running with a hang over..haha...NO FUN.