Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I'm not going to say this is as beautiful as the screen shots I have seen of SportTracks. However, that is not saying that it's not going to become more beautiful in the future.

As a Macintosh user I bought my Garmin in June with the knowledge that Garmin was going to release the Training Center Software for the Mac in the summer of 2006. Well that of course has changed and has been pushed to the "end of the year" of which I still have yet to hear about the actual release date. I haven't used BootCamp to put a PC on part of my hard drive so I can use things like SportTracks or whatever, but I don't know. I hate PC's. They make me so frustrated everytime I try and do anything on them that I have just been holding off until the day someone had something useable for the Mac.

That day has come. A new piece of software I found yesterday called TrackRunner and can be found here http://www.laniesoftware.com/. I tried it very briefly this morning and while it does not (YET) have all the features of SportTracks it's really nice to see something available for the Mac. It has only been out for a month or so and will continue to add functions and features as time goes on.

You can put a smoothing function onto the pace/heartrate/elevation graphs so you don't get the garbage that MotionBased produces which is by far the most USELESS graphs you could give a runner. You can see your runs on a map and all the windows are connected. So you see a spike in your pace and you click on it, it will show you were on the map that activity occured. I had a bit of a problem with the map function at first, but when I just clicked on the map without selecting an activity and then clicked the activity and Map it showed up fine.

Plus of course just having the log of all of your runs is fantastic. So go Mac users go Run and give it a try!


mouse said...

SWEET! thanks for the heads up!

[and, for the record, the BCS still blows. :)]

Firefly's Running said...

I am still a PC user myself and this does not apply to me...yet.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

You know those commercials on TV all the time that show the PC guy and the Mac guy?  I just realized the Mac guy looks a lot more like a runner than the PC guy.

Maybe I'd run better times if I switched to a Mac.  Hmmm..