Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bad Blogger, Bad Runner, Great Cookie Maker

Well well well, the holidays are coming to a close. Jason and I went to Fort Wayne, IN for the holidays and hung out with his brothers, parents and tons of neices including the newest addition to the family, Caeli. We have not seen Jason's oldest brother Andy and his wife Lysa (pronouned Lisa) (Parents of Caeli) for a long time, so it was great to see them. They live in Philly and we are hoping to get out there over the summer for Caeli's 1st year birthday.

I of course contributed to the holiday with my plate of cookies. I brought all the cookies that I had made, even those that didn't fit on the tray. Every morning I would wake up and refill up the was like magic. Everyone was mightly impressed with not only the amount but the level of deliciousness that the cookies attained. Go Me!

So running....lah di dah.....whistle whistle. We didn't do nothing which I guess is good. We had a 5 mile recovery for Saturday night and a 15 mile run on Sunday. We went to bed at about 2am on Friday night and got up at 7am and were still running late so we skipped the 5 mile recovery which isn't a huge deal. Then on Christmas eve we did run. We just didn't run 15 miles. We did probably about a 7 mile loop (I forgot Garmin at home, which I'm actually ok with). With the hills, and the drinking the night before and the sleeping of Jason AND I on a couch (we forgot our air mattress....and someone (that would be me) fell asleep on the floor....and somone else (taht would be Jason) WOKE me up so I could squeeze next to him on the couch....which was not the most comfortable) I would say that it was a 15 mile EFFORT. On Tuesday we should have done 8 miles with 10 strides and we did the 7 mile loop again. Close enough. We did go on a 5 mile run yesterday instead of 4 though to make up for the one mile difference.

Jason's parents gave us a gift certificate to a running store in Fort Wayne which we hit up on Tuesday.....we are idiots and two of things we got are the wrong size. Why do those stupid fuel belts have sizes anyways.....I already pulled the tags off but I am hoping I can give them a call and still be able to return them or something....we'll see. I was excited to have the fuel belts for long runs since the fountains are all turned off which is annoying....but we'll see what we can do.

Last night we went to Small Bar with a friend of mine that I have known for the past 24 years....which is just crazy to me. Jason had one too many Stella's and so we are going to do our 11 mile run tomorrow instead of today. We aren't coming into the lab tomorrow so it should actually be a nice day out on the lakefront path. So 11 tomorrow, 4 on Saturday, 16 on Sunday....pre Bears and PRE NYE! (Speaking of PRE, jason and I just watched Without Limits the movie about Steve Prefontaine, that guy was crazy! and did you know that the coach of Oregon was the one who started the little shoe company that we know today as NIKE....go figure)

In shoe news (I know you have all be on the edge of your seat waiting...) have preordered the new Brooks Adrenaline 7s. The guy at our running store said they were being released on January 1st. I hope that really is the case because my legs are a bit sore and it's a sore that usually means time for new shoes. Just achy shins and feet and ankles. Nothing hugely annoying, just well....annoying I guess.

That's all from here, I am looking forward to a nice long weekend filled with running, drinking and friends!


Susan said...

I can't wait for the new Brooks Adrenalines - I am in desperate need. That would actually mean I'd have to start doing some running though. I've been bad too.

Firefly's Running said...

Good luck on the mileage this weekend and looking forward to seeing both of you on NYE. One round of drinks are on ME! :D

Running Jayhawk said...

:hyper: We're two of those three things!!!!!


Aaaaaaaaaand we met someone else doing the brew to brew tonight. Fun times! And Mike and I have been pondering relay team names for this sucker...we've got a few that'll make ya giggle...with the potential of a few more evolving this weekend.

But I'm glad you kids had a great holiday with running and cookie monster tendencies...even if the sleep sucked. get back in town tomorrow night. Get ready to rock out with your hawk you crazy kids rock out with.


PS...guess who got APPLES TO APPLES (par-tay ed.) from Santa?!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Don't feel bad about doing only seven miles the other day.  It's still more than most of us are doing these days.

Congratulations in advance on your new shoes!

Scott said...

Is it wrong to sit in the library and drool onto my laptop upon seeing the wonderful cookies you baked!



Thomas said...

That's not bad. I'm pretty sure most people didn't do half as much running as you did over Christmas.

SRR said...

What a great looking cookie platter!

Arcaner said...

Colourful! Hey, I remember reading that you subscribed to the Running Times magazine at the Chicago expo. i was jsut wondering if you've started receiveing the issues yet, cause I signed up for it too and haven't seen anything yet.

Anonymous said...

The cookies look yummy.
CAn't wait to hear about the shoe report.

Happy new year.

Josh said...

Happy New Year! I heard you guys had a good time in Chicago. I hope the runs have gone well since the post and that the new shoes came in as scheduled. I love new running shoes.

Now, I think I'll go eat some cookies. They're not as colorful as your's but they'll have to do.

LeahC said...


yep we have gotten a few issues's really good so far, hopefully you'll get it soon.