Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Trance : A Different View

Well Well.


After reading Bob's post about the new Brooks Trance 6 that came out with a 90 day guarantee I couldn't (apparently turn it down). I went to Running Away in Chicago which is a really nice running shoe store, and they had the shoe in my size. It felt great in the store so I went for it.

Today I had an easy 6 mile recovery with 6x100m strides thrown in there.

By the end of the first mile I could barely move my left leg, by the middle of the run I felt like I had put my feet into concrete buckets let it harden and then gone out for a run, and by the end after adjusting the laces about 400 times Jason looked at me and said there is no need to have that close of a relationship with your shoes.

They are just A LOT of shoe, and too much helping me run a certain way which is bad for my legs and they seem REALLY heavy. The store I got the shoes at don't have my beloved adrenalines in my size but I am going to go in tomorrow anyways and try on a pair of mizunos that I read about in Runner's World and if those don't feel good, I am going to order 2 pairs of the adrenalines that I love (one pair for the marathon) and run in my old adrenalines until they come in.

sigh. I am so dissapointed because the Trance's are very cute shoes...but sheesh....just too much help.

Oh right 6 miles with 6x100m strides. Done and Done.


Firefly's Running said...

BAD, BAD shoes! Naughty shoe should go back to the store - PRONTO!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when new shoes suck. hope the new ones come in soon.

Josh said...

Great job on the run! and sorry the shoes didn't work out. Cute shoes = no good.

Bob said...

That's to bad I would definetly call them a stability show but not motion control. Well at least you can take them back so all is not lost. I am sure you could have the store order you some adreneline.

Bridgette said...

I think Adidas has the same sort of '30 day guarantee' on one of their shoes...I'll have to find my Women's Health Magazine to find the ad again...I'll let you know.

Haight said...

Were the Trance's made for your type of feet to begin with?

Or was it the 'puppy in the window' syndrome...so cute I have to get it?

Where in the city is this store?

How 'bout them Cubs?

Is that enough questions?

LeahC said...

I think the trance is just too helpful for me. I actually do think it's a motion control shoe and all I really need is stability. It was really really comfy in the store, so I didn't think it would be a problem for the running. I really did not like the old trances when I tried them on in the store, so I thought that this would be different.

The store is one block west of Ashland on North.

The Cubs are dull...let's move on to the Bears. DA BEARS!