Tuesday, August 08, 2006

6 miles, sprinty style

Today was one of our more enjoyable runs. It wasn't perfect or anything, as Leah and I were both still a bit achey after our 18 mile run on Sunday, but it was very nice.

What was so great about it? It was only 6 miles! Not 7, or 8, or 18. Nope, just 6. Hell, the only runs we've had under 7 miles in a really, really long time have been recovery runs and those are rarely "fun" as they are soooo slooow (that is, you really get to experience each and every mile). But this was great. 6 miles and it went really fast because we also had 6x100 meter sprints which broke the run up into nice, managable sections (nibblets, if you will). There wasn't much time to worry about the distance, because after 3 miles of warmup we were doing the sprint/walk/jog cycle and had other things to think about besides just plodding along.

So, that's done now. This is the first run of this week's 54 (!) mile week, which is well beyond anything we've ever done before. It's a bit exciting and a bit scary (and probably some other stuff too).

Here's a question: does anyone have any brilliant ideas for getting around the Chicago Distance Classic that'll be going on along the lakefront path from 7-10:30 (I think that's right) on Sunday, the day of our long run? We generally start at the Totem Pole on the path and then head south and our 20 miler would normally take us to about 31st street. Obviously there will be lots of racers down on the south end of the path so we won't be able to take our usual route. Some thoughts we've had so far include running north first and then less far south, leaving late Sunday morning, and running through more of the city. But if anyone has any other ideas, they're more than welcome.


Bridgette said...

Oh yeah, I really think that it's a GREAT idea...because I really know exactly what you're talking about. :)

I wish I could say that I only ran 6 miles!

Firefly's Running said...

Nice job on your run. Sounds like your triatholan went well.

Haight said...

Maybe you can take a bus and start from 31st or 35th st.

Race now starts at 6:30a so the lakefront portion, (which is roughly Mile 9 to 12), shouldn't be an issue if you start around 7-7:30a. Head north to Hollywood and back down toward Fullerton...should be close to 20, eh?

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the long week.
I say go north and then south.

Running Jayhawk said...

Great run!! The CDC starts pretty early (6:30)...and the last of the pacers is doing an 18:00-mile (yes, you read that right...and 18 minute mile). Sooooooo assuming you start later in the morning, you might be fine. You can also run north to the zero mile marker and then back south and just trim off the 20 around the field campus and northerly island.

OR....what you COULD do...and this would be a brilliant idea...run south...then jump into the CDC with me to keep me company for a while...nevermind the fact you'd have to slow down for me...but you could be bandits!! And keep me company!! Oooh...I really like this idea :)

LeahC said...


i like it!

Josh said...

A 54 mile week! Bad@ss! Glad to hear the run went so well. And I second Barb's idea ... :)

Thomas said...

Don't worry about the 54 miles week. Don't look ahead. Just run each and every run just as you would on any other week. At the end of the week, magically, you'll have conquered 54 miles before you've even realised what you've done.

BigFoot ? Marty said...

Love the blog, Great work. As i have just started mine I love seeing great blogs to aim towards.

keep it up and good luck with your training and racing.