Wednesday, August 02, 2006


It's nice to go run and know that, no matter how badly you want to, you aren't permitted to run fast. I mean, I was chopping at the bit to unleash my speed but no, it was not allowed. So we just toddled along, bearing the heat upon our shoulders like a big, really hot weight.

Okay, so it wasn't that dramatic. Actually, it was pretty good. We stopped after about 1.5 miles to stretch and then ran the whole rest of the way, not even needing to stop for water as we had hydrated well the day before. We finished about a half mile from the house which, conveniently enough, put us right at the fire hydrant outside Wrigley. Best water in the city, bar none.

Tomorrow is 11 miles of general aerobic and has promised us that it will be cooler. I don't care if it is pouring rain and lightening crackles all around us, I just want to run in reasonably cool weather.

Hey, whadya know? We're actually looking forward to tomorrow's run. Sweet.

On another note, join the e-mail campaign to get ESPN columnist and laundry blogger Paul Lucas to apologize for his slandering of Ron Santo and mocking of his disability. I know there are lots of Cubs fans who read this site, so if you are also a Ron Santo fan, stop over to Goat Riders and fire off an e-mail.


Bob said...

ok it is just so strange to be a day ahead of you two now. It's like Bizarro world. I loved my recovery run last night as well. I just wish my precieved effort would have matched the pace I was moving at which was a smooth 9:50.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was at the point in my running that I had a run where I was suppose to go slow!

Also, how sad about Santo. I'm not a huge Cubs fan but I love Ron and Pat they are by far my favorite so I will be emailing!

LeahC said...

thanks nicole!!!

Firefly's Running said...

Leah, the rain will be acometh. Along with that will be the lightning and thunder. There will also be MUCH cooler weather. I promise!!

Lana said...

Leah - I was cycling in the heat the other day when out of nowhere came a steady shower for the last 30 minutes of my ride - It was heaven on earth!! I figured people thought I was crazy out pedaling with a water fall coming off my helmet, but I was soaking it up, loving it. Maybe you'll get yours soon!

And thanks for the tip on the ridiculous commens that dude made about Santo - I sent an email immediately. Go Cubs!