Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's a beautiful day for a recovery

...let's run 5.

Man, if only all the summer days could be like this, 75 degrees, low humidity, and not a
cloud in the sky. Just a perfect day to be outside.

We had five miles of recovery to cover today so we were able to go nice and slow and really enjoy the weather. I think both of us were pretty achey to start out (I know I was) and so it was easy to go slow for the first half. That's what I love about doing recovery runs the day before a hard workout; it's like a shakedown run, gets all the kinks out. I know I'd rather feel sorta bad for a run that doesn't matter than one of my long runs or some sort of speed workout type thing.

The 2.5 mile mark was nicely timed to coincide with the water fountain right by the bridge that crosses the entrance to Diversey Harbor if you stay along the lakefront instead of following the actual running path (did even the Chicago people get that?). Anyway, it is a nice open area and so we had a drink of water and spent about 5 minutes stretching. I really like to stretch halfway through my recoveries since I so rarely stretch when my muscles are all warmed up and this seems like a good time to do it. Besides, that just meant more time in the great weather.

After a bit of stretching, we finished off the distance at our apartment and walked around the block to recover from our recovery. All in all, 5 very nice, easy miles and a nice morning. Tomorrow is 20 miles and today? Today is sorting through all our clothes and cleaning out the bedroom. Ah, what wild lives we lead.


Josh said...

Glad to hear the recovery run went well. It was absolutely gorgeous here too. Isn't it nice for a change?

Theoutofshapeguy said...

(In my most monotone voice)You do live a very wild and crazy life. Good to hear the run went well.