Thursday, August 03, 2006


That was the temperature when Jason and I went running this morning.

That is 20 degrees less than any of our recent runs. What a difference. We had the wind at our back for the first half and when we turned around I was almost chilly!

Nothing too exciting (except that it was a nice fun easy run, that and there was a ton of really old looking sail boats on the 4-5 sail dealys). We pace 8:55 for the 11 miles which was nice. But what was even nicer about that pace was that we were very consistant. Sometimes I think that we take too long when we are getting water and then have a really speedy mile following. Today everything was right in the same wheel house. I like the feeling of consistant running and I'm going to try and do this more.

This weekend is 7 miles w8x100 and then 18 miles on Sunday.

I am organzing a triathlon at Fermilab on Saturday morning which is fun. however, last year there was a total of 15 participants (12 individuals and 3 teams) This year we are at 33 people (teams + individuals). Um. Right. It's going to be tons of fun, I just hope that the competitors will be patient because we only have a 5 lane pool that is short. I suppose if they aren't, they could just go home as this is a very friendly race. I am just so worried that I have forgotten something. Well there goes my sleep on Friday night :-)


Firefly's Running said...

Don't worry! Everything will be fine. I am glad that the cool air finally reached you guys. Enjoy!

Kendra said...

72 sounds really nice. After a week in the triple digits I can't wait until that cool front drifts over this way!

Ryan said...

Great run! I'm sure it was totally refreshing.

I took a rest day today, so I didn't experience the major cooldown as yet.

We're right on the same plan now - 'cept I am a day ahead of you. I LOVE 7-milers now. 18 will be the longest in a while for me.

So how are you organizing a triathlon with all of the running and work you've got going on in life?

Good luck knocking out the 25 this weekend!

LeahC said...

ryan....oh i fit it in ....somehow. Actually it wouldn't have been a huge deal if we had the 15 people. But we have ended up with 35 people doing the race which I know isn't a lot for a normal race, but for this race and our facilities it is. I am really really excited about it and it should be a good time. I am very much not good at reliquishing control so even though I have asked people to do stuff, I am going back over it and doing it myself.

If I could be this organized in my work work I probably would have graduated a half a year ago!

Haight said...


LeahC said...

oooh good one!

Bob said...

great job you guys!