Wednesday, August 16, 2006

All Over The Map

Today was a 14 mile run which we started at about 6:30pm. Although we paced 9:06 miles for the whole run we were all over the map with some miles at 8:30ish or less and others around 10 minutes, although the longer miles usually included some water/stretching.

I just said to myself, "We ran 14 miles today". There was a time in my life when 14 miles would have been ridiculous, it would have been something that I would have had to spend all week getting mentally prepared to go out there and get done. Now we are just knocking off the miles on a Wednesday night.....with all the other shit that doesn't work in my life it's awesome that running is usually consistant.

Very. Nice.

6 mile recovery tomorrow. 6 with strides on Saturday and then 15 w/12 at marathon pace on Sunday....shit....what is my marathon pace?

Oh and Saturday is Bridgette's big day. She's competing in her first triathlon!!! We are heading to Indianapolis to cheer her on! She's going to do so awesomely! Go Go Bridgette :-)


Haight said...

Ya, when I was in the marathon training program last year, I always thought it was funny when someone would ask 'How many miles did you do today?' and my response would be like 'Only 12.' Then I thought to myself...'I just ran 12?'

And to top that when you say 6 miles is for a 'recovery' run. If that was me 2 years ago I would have said 'hand me the car keys, I'll drive you the 6.'

Josh said...

Nice work on the 14-miler! I kind of enjoy runs that are all over, especially when you don't realize it until after and think to yourself "what the hell????"

Michele said...

My runs are always all over the place. I want to fall into that 10:00/mile pace and have to push to go faster.
My husband always laughs when he asks "how far did you run?" and I say "Just 6"

Trish said...

Nice 14 miles!!!.. I'll be there some day.. I just started my traing and 5 miles was my longest so far haha..Great Job!!.

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome run!!