Monday, August 14, 2006

Good Food Good Drinks

Last night Jason and I indulged ourselves at our favorite Chicago restuarant, Wildfire. It's a steak house with a 1940sesk vibe to it. The food was so delicous and I think that the waitress probably talked to the other folks on the wait staff about the amount of food two of her customers were consuming. Wow.....that's why you run 20 miles just so you can have a great meal like that. The food and the beer, martinis, bottle of wine......all so good.

I didn't sleep well though last night, I kept waking up and I had a really terrifying nightmare which woke me right up this morning. I hate having fitful nights of sleep because I am just like goo all the next day. Good thing today is a day off from running and tomorrow is only a 6 mile recovery run.

The rest of this week is shaping up to be very interesting. I have a meeting with a woman on Wednesday to talk about the possibility of me moving into the field of neuroscience.....very. interesting. Jason and I are also going to start working on applications for fellowships at a physics lab in Germany. I am going to be looking at the medical physics program at UIC. Who knows where this train stops next but any way it's going to be super exciting....and terrifying!


Bridgette said...

How exactly does physics work into neuroscience? Or is it math? Or programming? At least it'll be interesting...way more interesting than being a paper monkey!

LeahC said...


exactly :-) They need us mathy nerds to help out with the programming and math stuff....I think.....we'll see what she says. I'm really excited!

jamie said...

Wow, that all sounds super cool. So you might go off and live in Germany for awhile?

Running Jayhawk said...

I'm happy and sad for you guys, all at the same time.

Germany? Really? Is that entirely necessary?


I don't like that, one bit! Even though it'd be hella cool. :sigh: If you go, do we get an open invitation to visit you guys...and run with you ( about 30-minutes behind you?)?

And if you go, you have to do a marathon know, so I can vicariously live through you guys and all. *sniffle*

LeahC said...


we have to first get the fellowships before we can go to Germany :-) It could be a really exciting opportunity and since most of the grad students our age are going to the new and fancy lab in Switzerland they might need people at the lab in Germany......but we'll see. I can't get ahead of myself because we have to first apply and see if we even get an offer.

That being said, if we do move there I hope everyone comes to visit us!!! There would always be an open visiting policy :-)

Susanne said...

Fingers crossed for Germany!

Firefly's Running said...