Friday, November 06, 2009

Yay Jason!

Last week Jason talked to his boss about the unfairness of his review since he didn't get a raise for no good reason. His boss talked to his boss and they came back with a 6% raise as well as an end date for the current project he is on and an actual new position in the analytics department that he'll be moving to. So yay! and a big congratulations to him.

Yesterday I did my 1/2 day of work and then my friend Jean and her 6 week old little one Ethan came to visit. We had some lunch and then we went for a walk over by the lake front path. It was a great time, even if Ethan got a little cranky for about 15 minutes.  A new diaper, some foods and some walking with mom calmed him down and knocked him right out. Jean also left me some baby knitting books that I'm going to get some patterns from. I ripped out the sweater that I was making and so I need a new baby project. I'm about done with this Ishbel scarf thing, and then I have to finish this stocking that I was making for Lucy for Christmas. But I like have 3 projects going at once because inevitabley I'm going to screw one up and thus need to put it down for a bit. The bad thing is that then I end up with 3 screwed up projects and I don't remember why they are screwed up. Anyways. Yes. new baby knitting project.

I'm considered full term today which is very exciting. So any day now Lucy. Any. Day. Our appointment next Tuesday morning got moved to Monday morning because of the NST failure I guess. I don't really know, but apparently it's so important that we come in a day earlier that now we won't see our primary care doctor this week. So that's a bit annoying. Not that all the doctors aren't good, it's just frustrating because it's easier to just always have to deal with the same person. I'm guessing I'll be going to triage again or at least I'm just going to plan it because then when it does happen I won't be so stressed out. Tip from my friend Lydia which I think is a good one.

So Happy Friday all. Jason is going to Bloomington tomorrow for the IU/Wisconsin football game with his good friend. I am not at all jealous about that trip. All I know is that I'm going to have a super good time in Chicago, so there. My only instructions are that I don't go into labor, although I do think it would be funny to call Jason in Bloomington after he's had many beers and be like...actually you need to get home, baby is coming. The freak out would be legendary.


Cuckoo said...

Wow you guys have a lot of exciting things going on - congrats to Jason on his raise, and congrats on reaching full term today with Lucy. Any day now!!! I hope Lucy doesn't make you wait too long before making her appearance. And I'm really happy to read your post that she flipped head down. That must be a big relief to not have to think about a c-section.

LeahC said...

I think the bigger relief is that I don't have to decide if I should try and manually turn her. I was never that worried about a c-section and it's obviously still a possibility if the birth doesn't go well and so I'm not assuming the birth is going to go any certain way. So that if it does go c-section, I'm not upset about it.

Firefly's Running said...

Good luck, Leah, on Monday's appointment. Will keep you guys in my thoughts.