Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And The Weight Lifts

...and not in the way that I don't have a giant belly anymore as Lucy is still all comfy cozy inside, but rather that everything is fine with our little chubby cheeked little girl and now we just play the waiting game. 

Yesterday we had our 37 week appointment and had to do another Non-Stress Test. I have been so clenched since last week's failing NST and so was worried about the appointment. We were in the waiting room and Lucy was going crazy and I was thinking, oh perfect she's going to move now and then she's going to sleep again for the test. However we got into the room and got all my vitals down. I dropped a pound and my blood pressure was again lower! It was 128/80 which is damn close to normal! So that was good. Then they got the sensors on me, I had some juice and then we started the test. And what do you know, Lucy did a little dance. And by little dance I mean crazy town. Which was nice. The doctor showed us the difference between last week's graph and today's and now I understand why they sent us to triage given that there was basically a flat line last week.

We also talked about the fluid levels that I was so worried about and the doctor we saw yesterday wasn't worried about it at all and said we didn't need another ultrasound. I asked for some numbers even if I didn't really know what they meant. She said we were at 21 and that she starts to maybe get worried if that number gets to 24. She wasn't worried about it at all and since I'm not having any kinds of contractions it doesn't look like a problem at all.

I just feel so so so much better. But I have that feeling after a big presentation or test or something when you are just drained. I think worry takes a lot out of a person.

So now we wait. They did an internal exam and there is no dialating yet, but that's to be expected I think since I'm only just past 37 weeks. So right. Now we wait. I know after being all excited about knowing the exact date and time that she's coming, she's going to end up being late. As long as she's healthy I don't care, I just want to meet her already!

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Scott said...

You call that walking? That was about a 7:30 mile pace!

Thanks for the workout!