Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Maybe I'll just title each post from now on with how many days until the baby comes. But that's dumb cause what if she comes two weeks late, then instead of 17 days to go it's going to be more like 31 days to go and that thought makes me want to vomit a little bit. Although, I guess 31 days is probably the most that it could there's that.

I fear that my fingers are starting to swell up as my wedding rings aren't as comfortable as they usually are. And by that I mean when I can finally slide them off, there is a nice little dent going around my finger. I feel naked without my rings on though and so I don't want to take them off so we'll see how long I can make it. It's not that bad....yet.

We had a great evening last night with my Dad and stepmom coming over for dinner and some Dead Space game playing. Before that I made my Dad go for a walk with me. Did about 3 miles and I think I'm still walking at a pretty good pace. Holy hell do I miss running though. I talked a lot about training for the marathon and I think my Dad was very, "Yeah Yeah Yeah....stop talking about running" Ok, but if I stop talking about running I'm going to start talking about the baby's head in the 93rd percentile and you've already heard that a time or two...or a thousand.

Today going to do my usual work in the mornings and baby prep things in the afternoon. My Dad took all of the prints we found for the baby's room into a frame shop yesterday and we are going to make some of the frames. So if they can get the wood cut I'll go with him to do that this afternoon.

This weekend Jason and I are going to go get all the final things that we need for the baby. There are just a few more things that have to get done for me to feel like we are really ready, then we can really play the waiting game.

Last night she was *crazy* I am so active during the day that I don't feel her as much, so last night I layed down in bed and all of a sudden it was like a monster in my belly. It was hilarious. I put my Kindle down on my stomach and it almost flew off. Can't wait to see those kicks and rolls in the world!

So yeah. 17. or 31. Whatever.

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lifestudent said...

If you do go over, wait to see what your little counter does. They arent geared towards overdue babies ;)