Friday, November 20, 2009

Needs a New Knitting Project

Yesterday I finished the last of three projects that I had started over the summer. Yes. That's right, over the summer. They shouldn't have taken me so long but I would get into a bad state on all of them and not want to fix any of them and so I would just put them all aside. Then I would pull one out and rip out the bad rows and continue one until I screwed up again and so on. Eventually they all got done with the exception of the baby sweater I was knitting. I ripped that whole thing out but used some of the yarn to make a little baby hat. I just have to get a button for the chin strap and I think it's going to be really cute.

Last night I finished the Christmas stocking I was making for Lucy. I was so proud of myself, it was the first colorwork I had done and I think I had done a pretty good job on it. I knitted her name through it and everything! Then I went to iron it to try and block it out and what's that....oh wait...WHAT BURNED? You can fucking burn things with an iron? Of course I burned right through her name on the white part of the stocking. This whole thing sent me into hysterics which would have been a funny story if those hysterics had sent me into labor, but they didn't and so the story is not funny and is just tragic. Ok, not *tragic* as it's a fucking stocking but it made me sad anyways. Jason tried to scrape the burned parts off the stocking and in the process scraped holes into it. SO I reinforced those parts with just some yarn and a needle, and it really does look a lot better. So Lucy will have the crappy stocking and I'll work on ones for Jason and myself and make them all perfect and it will just be the start of me ruining her life forever. The problem with me and knitting is I hate having mistakes, and I will rip things out if I see that I did a perl instead of a knit so every time I look at that stupid stocking I'm going to throw up a little bit in my mouth.


I also knitted an Ishbel. Which actually came out beautifully and I'm excited for it to get colder, and for me to fit into my black pea coat so that I can wear it. I'm going to take some pictures of these projects today and I'll start a smugmug gallery with all my knittings.

Had a meeting at Obtiva yesterday and have a full plate of things to work on today which is good. Looks like it'll be a nice day today too so maybe go meet up with my Dad for lunch or something as well.

Happy Friday all!

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